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Good Characters and story

No Fear - Allie Harrison

Emma pulled with all ehr waning strength against her binds. She felt the terrot swirl at herself for being caught. Then Emma sensed she was no longer alone. The night had already been filled with so much horror she had seen unthinkable things and she had done as equally bad. She didn't look at him, wouldn’t let him see her terror. Then he said “ Hello Emma”. Emma had never heard a voice so smooth, as rich as the voice with which he spoke those two words. Still she worked not to dwell on that voice that compelled her to to turn and look into his eyes. He tried to convince Emma to look into his eyes and she refused. He told Emma he admired her strong will. He had admired her from a distance for awhile now. He said he knew how hard it was for her to do what she did to Mary Jenkins. He applauded her for it. Despite the fact he felt she owed him and what it would cost her. He had turned her friend Marcy. James was cloaked with the falling dusk. It had been five five years since she had felt a vampire close by. Emma had been attacked years ago. Emma, Gray had to make sure she was safe. Jilly was at the cemetery at night, standing before a stone- Amanda McComb beloved sister- the date of birth and death were carved in the stone. The death was one year ago today. It seemed like yesterday when Jilly sister Amanda had succumbed to that dreadful disease she had fought so hard to beat. A childhood  prank in a cemetery had left Jillian/Jilly scared for life. Now she was there to face her fear head on. Jilly talked as if Amanda was there and told her she had met a man. He also lives on the island so she wouldn’t have to travel to see him. He sent her roses at work. Graves started to open and bony grabbed her. Then they had her and told her they wanted her to stay there with them forever. James was the chief of police and at the cemetery where Jilly Had died. He thought getting out of Chicago and coming to Medusa Island hr would be able to end the evil he felt here before he had to see the dead bodies. James asked Duke what he had -Duke was the closest to a partner James had ever known. James had known Duke a long time.. James recognized Jilly, she had sold him his house. Duke said he didn’t know how she died, there was only some scratches on her cheeks and neck and Jilly looked terrified. James and Emma find a strong attraction between them when a storm isolates the island. But they have to face a dark killer who lives off the fear of others. Emma again became the target of a monster.

I enjoyed this this story. It keeps you reading to see what is going to happen next. It did drag for me at times but I did like the plot. I think this dwelled on James loving Emma a bit too much. I also thought there were just a few too many paranormal things in this- never thought I would say that. I think this is really more of a paranormal romance over being a mystery. As far as I am concerned this was definitely a unique vampire story. I did like James and Emma together when all was said and done. I did feel the ending was a little rushed. I did like the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.