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Good Characters and story

Dark Moon Wolf (Calling the Moon Book 1) - Sarah E. Stevens

Julie is a single mother who works as a librarian with a four month old baby- Carson- had turned into a wolf puppy on the full moon. Julia is totally confused and decides to go look for Carson’s father- Mac. Julie never told Mac she was pregnant. Julie tries to get in touch with Mac but can’t so she decides to go to his hometown with Carson. Julie finds Carson’s grandparents  who belong to the pack. But Mac had been murdered and he isn’t the only one from his pack who has been murdered. Lily is the pack leader of Mac’s pack and Julie shows prejudice toward Lily. . But now someone is after Carson. Julie does found out she has recessive wolf genes which means if she was bitten she could turn into a werewolf or die. The genes make Julie a Dark Wolf. Max had been murdered in Las Vegas. With the help of a friend Sheila who julie finds out is a witch. and Eliza who was a werewolf and a few other werewolves and they start hunting for the murderers.  

I really enjoyed this paranormal book. I do wish it had been longer. But I liked the plot and pace. It had my attention from the first page until the last page. This can be emotional and choke you up at times. I felt this was well written. I loved it had a lot of twists and turns. There were: wolves, witches, suspense, murder, mystery, betrayal, wolf pup power play, politics, experiments, action, loss, family, a Dark Wolf, and a lot more. I loved how the author  showed us a lot of different kinds of wolves. I also really liked how Julie didn’t have any special powers but she did find ways to contribute and help to try to find the murderers. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend..