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Great Story and Characters

Living with Her One-Night Stand  - Noelle  Adams

Jill left her roommates  arguing and ran down t the to the tea shop- Tea For 2- that was under her apartment. Jill was meeting for the first time someone she had met online at a local bar. This was something Jill had never done before. The bar was about a half mile from the apartment to wait for her date. She saw two men at the bar- one was to old and one too good looking to be her date that she had communicated with from the app. Jill had been in a relationship with Ted  for four years she had even moved here with him when he went to grad school. But after she had worked and put Ted through school when he graduated he dumped Jill. It had been a year now and Jill was ready for someone new. Jill was twenty six and had only the one serious relationship- with Ted- in her life. Jill had met Ted her last year of college and they had only been dating five months when she had agreed to follow him here. But she has a new job now and is ready for a new man. But the blind date never showed and the handsome moved closer and they had started to talk. Usually Jill was awkward and stiff when it came to dating or even talking to men. Jill said during their conversation that she follows the herd when its going somewhere she wants to go otherwise she lets it pass by. Mostly Jill hangs out with the nerdy types as they were usually as socially awkward as she was. The man admitted he had sex without commitment as he wasn’t into commitments any more. At one time he had spent most of his life doing what everyone else did. He played sports, got good grades at school and went to a local college. Then he got a good but boring job as a CPA and he then brought a house in the same neighborhood as his parents and got engaged to Carly. But his life was vanilla. He did what everyone expected him too. He worked hard every day and followed the rules. But then BAM he found the world he was living in wasn’t the world he wanted. It changed everything so he quit his job, sold his house, and broke his engagement. Then he started to live his life differently, not doing what anyone expected him to do. Just doing what he felt like doing at any given moment. He didn’t fight the current anymore he rode the tide, he did work at tax time but Lucas- the man- wasn’t going into any office everyday. He wasn’t going to make promises to women he wasn’t sure he could follow through on. Jill then said they were in opposite motion in that she was looking for roots, for stability whereas he was trying to tear his roots out of the ground. Then Lucas suggests Jill live for the moment and she decided to go ahead and have a one night stand with a guy that she didn't even know his name and would never see again. Lucas had not planned to talk to Jill or take her back to his hotel room but she had been interesting. Pretty, and genuine. Then the sudden unnerving emotional connection they’de experienced had really moved him. Lucas was relocating to Blacksburg and was moving right into his apartment the next day. But when Jill had asked he had said he was staying the one night meaning the hotel, not the place. Lucas had come to Blacksburg for another new start  one of a series of new starts he had made for himself in the last two years. Jills clothes, makeup, her whole manner was unique, original, full of personality. Jill had seen on his back a large scar and asked him about it as she got ready to leave as he woke up and he said it was a scar he got from being a good boy. Jill woke up early th4e next morning and was glad she had went with him even though she didn’t know his name and would never see him again. Michele and chloe were Jills best friends they had all been roommates until Chloe lost her job and went back home to live at her parents. Steve was Michelle’s boyfriend and they fought a lot. Then they had a new roommate coming to live with them, he was a guy Steve had known at college and his name was Lucas and he was a nice guy. Jill like to feel comfortable and settled. Then the new roommate appeared and it was the guy- mhe was Lucas the man Jill had spent the night with. Lucas decided to let Jill lead the way and she acted like she had never met him and Lucas followed her lead. Jill had been avoiding Lucas for about a week going to her room right after work instead of hanging out with her roommates as she used to do. One evening when Jill got home from work Lucas and jill decided to try to be friends and even though Lucas wanted her in his bed again he told Jill he wouldn’t touch her unless she wanted him too.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a roller coaster ride, but a quick, easy fun read. I loved the pace and flow. I never had a problem with my attention from the first until the last page of this book. I loved how there was the insta lust but the story built up to a beautiful romance. I was so happy Lucas and Jill got their HEA. I loved Jill and Lucas together. I loved how Michelle. Chloe, and Jill were so close and there for each other. I felt bad for Michelle and Steve as if I were there with them all. I also really loved when Lucas reached out for his family and they were so happy to be there for him. This was a book I happily read in one setting. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend