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Good Characters and story

Soulmates (Drag.Me.To.Hell, #2) - Nadine Nightingale

Amanda was a witch and Alec was a witch hunter they were born and raised to hate each other as technically Amanda and Alec were enemies. Alec and Amanda want nothing to do with each other. Amanda is living in NY going to school at NYU and had a waitressing job - trying to live like a normal person with a magic free life and that wasn’t easy. She keeps having nightmares of Alec being hurt and dying. Amanda had promised to not try to contact Alec but something is going on. The nightmares are really wearing on Amanda. Amanda is also still dealing with the feeling of betrayal she feels from Alec.   She also feels like she is constantly being watched. Then weird things start to happen and Amanda starts to question what is going on and maybe she is in danger. Then one morning Jesse- Alec’s brother- shows up on her doorstep with a barely conscious Alec who looks like he has been attacked. Jesse begs Amanda for her help. Alec and Amanda had wanted nothing to do with each other and Alec had basically been a butt to Amanda but she can't turn her back on him and not try to help him. Alec had sold his soul and only had a few days until his time to live was up. So Amanda gets help from her best friend Bonnie who uses Cajun voodoo and starts out to try to help Alec. Bonnie and Chelsea were Amanda’s roommates.  

I really enjoyed this book until the end and then found a big cliffhanger and i hate cliffhangers. And that brought down my rating quiet a bot. I did like the way Amanda and Alec interacted with each other when he wasn’t being a butt. But then again Amanda isn’t always the nicest person and even calls herself a bitch. I loved the twists and turns in this book. I also really wanted Amanda and Alec to work things out and be happy together. This was fast paced and I really liked the plot. This had: witches, witch hunter, demons. A demon strip club. Selling a soul. Love, action, suspense, emotional turmoil, a little voodoo, mystery, and so much more. You should read the first book before this one to have all the background and things read smoother at least I think so. I liked that the author showed some of Amanda’s past to show us why she acts like she does. Alec could be very confusing and frustrating. Even though I had really liked this book the cliffhanger really disappointed me. I do wish i could have rated this a 3.5 though