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Truly Dead (Elise Sandburg Series) - Anne Frasier

Homicide detectives Elsie and David had left the Savannah GA PD and were starting to set up their own PI business after successfully solving a serial killer case in Chicago. Then they get a call from the ME Dr John Curry who is also a friend and he asks them to come back to Savannah and consult unofficially at a  tragic case involving murdered children. Children’s bodies had been stuffed in the wall of a house and one was put there recently and found by a demolition team as they were tearing down the house. Frank Remy had once lived in that house but the bodies were thirty six years old and put in the house before remy was arrested  all but one. But remy who was a brutal horrible serial killer had been put in jail and died there. Elsie’s father jackson had actually put Remy in prison. The recent body in the wall looked eerily similar like some homicides in Florida. Elsie was still severely messed up with PTSD from her kidnapping brutal rape and torture she had endured for three days with psycho killer Treman. Elsie refuses to be intimate with anyone because her body had been disfigured during the torture.  Weird things are happening around Elsie and sometimes it is hard for her to tell what is real and what isn’t and is erratic herself. David is in love with Elsie but knows she is nowhere near being ready for a relationship. So he is thinking about other options and getting on with his life. Elsie’s friend and Jackson’s lover was Strata Luna. Elsie and her father Jackson’s relationship was shaky but he warns her to back off from this case and to leave town but Elsie won’t. Elsie thinks Jackson know more than he is saying. The PD exhumes Remy’s body and things go wrong and Elsie and David get their jobs back at least for now.

I enjoyed this book but felt it was more about Elsie and her issues and relationship with David then the actual case. This is a dark read so be prepared. But this had a lot of twists and turns that I really liked. You keep reading as you want to see what is going to happen next you don’t want to put the book down. I did feel a little confused at times. This was depressing in a lot of ways bit a big one for me besides the children’s murders was Elsie did not have one happy moment in this entire book not one. If David was in love with Elsie why was she with someone else and then hid her in the shower when Elsie wanted to come in and talk about the case. Why didn’t he bring the woman out and let Elsie know he had been with someone if he was really trying to get on with his life? The ending was also a kind of let down I thought this would end with a bang but I was wrong oh well it happens. I did like there was a lot of action. I advise you to read the series in order. I liked the fast pace and plot. I also felt this was well written. Although realistically I don’t believe Elsie would be able to function as a detective. But I did enjoy this and I recommend this book