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Great Story and Characters

The Heart of a Texas Cowboy (Men of Legend) - Linda Broday

Today was Houston’s wedding day. He was marrying Becky the only girl he had ever loved. She was ten and Houston was twelve when he fell in love with Becky.  His brother Sam was hurrying him up. Sam had been a Texas Ranger until he married Sierra and now he was the sheriff of Lost Point, Texas. Their father Stoker was glad Sam was close to the Lone Star ranch- home- now. Sam and Houston wondered if their other brother luke would make it to the wedding. He was out looking for the man who set him up for murder. Luke had a thousand dollar price on his head for robbery and the murder of a federal judge -Edgar Percival. Luke did show up for the wedding But then a shot rang out and Becky cried out and as she collapsed houston caught her and blood oozed from her chest. Luke whirled and fired and Sam jumped over bodies to capture the shooter. Becky died in Houston’s arms. Houston sat next to Becky’s cold body holding on to hre bloody weil. He wanted to grieve in private. He wanted to be left alone in the darkness of his soul. In the shadows he could pretend it was all a dream and Becky would wake up. Houston was lost in a thick haze . little thought could penetrate. Houston didn’t know how he could live without Becky. But then he found out from the man- Ernie Newman that killed Becky- that she had been cheating on Houston and was pregnant by the man- but was going to marry Houston anyway and lie to him as he would be a way better provider. The Doc conformed all this. Her lover had shot an killed Becky and his unborn child. Houston vowed never to trust love again. He would never speak Becky’s name again or allow it to be said in his presence. Betrayal still tore Houston to the core. But Luke’s life was a tangled mess worse than Houston’s. Luke and his brothers went for a ride. Luke said the man who had set him up and really murdered edgar Percival  was going by the name of Ned Sweeney. Luke asked if they could ask around and send some telegrams to see if anyone had heard of a man around going by that name. Sam said he still had ties with the Texas Rangers and his old boss captain O’Rielley. Sam and Houston had access to to people and Places Luke didn’t have. Luke had helped get rid of a outlaw mess and saved the people of the town and made that part of texas safer. Luke had also saved his brother Sam and the woman Sam was to marry Sierra. Houston felt it would take him a lifetime to forget the woman who ruined him. Lara Boone had been attacked,beaten, raped, and scarred and ended up pregnant and now a mother of a baby girl she named Gracie. Lara now needs protection from a very evil man that will stop at nothing to possess her. Stoker had lost at gambling and had put the Lone Star Ranch up for collateral. Now he came to Houston and said he had to marry a neighbor or they would lose the ranch. Houston agrees knowing he really doesn’t have a choice. Lara’s father held Stoker’s gambling debt and he would forget it if Houston married Lara and gave Gracie his last name. Lara agrees to the marriage for her daughter’s sake that she would have a last name. Lara and houston meet at the altar. Houston is on a tight schedule to take his cattle on a cattle drive and he has to find a cook. Lara volunteers to be the cook and goes with Houston. Gracie wraps houston around her little finger. Then that horrible man brings fear into the lives of Houston and Lara and the people they are protective of.

I loved this book. I loved the plot and the pace. I didn’t want to put the book down.this had my attention from the first page until the last. I was happy when Houston decided he really wanted his marriage to Lara to work. I loved watching Houston and Lara grow into a loving relationship. This was an emotional roller coaster and action packed and I loved it. If you read the books in order this will make more sense and you will have the background you need for this to run even smoother for you. I loved Lara and Houston together. Gracie added to this book also. I also loved how Houston saw Lara’s scar after he lifted her veil and he told Lara she was beautiful and he was a very lucky man. Also loved how Houston called Gracie his “ Little Angel”. I really couldn’t find anything to criticize while reading this book and loved that. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.