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Her Scottish Mistake - Michele de Winton

Janie is on a couples retreat vacation by herself She ;loves science and is an aspiring blogger. She is a small town girl from Texas who takes care of her father and brothers. Janie works at a small petting zoo handling snakes.  . Her boyfriend and cheated with her best friend and they were now to marry and she had even been invited and she had no intention of going to that wedding. So instead she was a ten day dream vacation in Thailand. Away from ex's,- boyfriend and bestfriend and their wedding date. She is by the pool and bumps into Blaine and spills her Pina Colada all over him. Janie invites him to her room to clean him up. Blaine is a well known personality in his own country of Scotland, who is hiding out from the Paparazzi  but Janie doesn’t know that. Blaine is happy to find someone who isn’t out to exploit him and is a real person. Blaine gives Janie the fake name Bevan. Janie and Blaine decide to spend their vacation together even though Blaine is suspicious of everyone. Janie finds out Blaine lied to her about who he was now she has to decide what to do. Janie couldn’t seem to resist Blaine. Blaine would do anything for his brother after the upbringing they had. Blaine had always been his brothers protector then and now always would be. Blaine got out of the spotlight to keep his brother safe. He also has to play fake fiance to a woman who isn’t helping his image. Press makes out that Janie trying to get her moment of fame being with Blaine and he doesn’t take that well. Blaine’s agent does manage to get them to a very private resort.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I lied it was a nice building romance. I laughed at times while reading this book. I loved the adventure Blaine and Janie had. I didn’t like the lie but understood why Blaine did it. However Janie calling her female parts Miss muffin annoyed me after a bit. Also when Janie kept referring to her ovaries . Why didn’t Blaine’s agent get him to that very private resort sooner? I did enjoy the descriptions of Thailand also. I didn't really feel the connection between Blaine and Janie until the end. I like janie still went on her dream vacation even if she had been hurt and was alone. I also liked that Janie didn’t run when her world got all topsy turvy. I did like the ending and the twists. This did have my attention from the beginning until the end. I liked the plot and pace too. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.