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mixed feelings

Royally Roma (The Royals Book 1) - Teri Wilson

Julia had a prince in her bed and julia was a commoner or actually she was pretty much an outcast in American social circles. But in Rome she was just a nobody and julia loved that. It had been a while since Julia had looked at any kind of tabloid not since her father was the embezzler lucas Costa. Julia had sworn off all social media since her family’s turmoil had been a trending topic.Once again Julia had fallen for the wrong man her ex fiance had stolen all her money when everything came out about her dad.  Julia was now a tour guide while she studied for her PhD in Archeaology. Julia had mistaken the Prince for her next client an toike him on a private tour. When Julia looked at Harry she forgot to breathe. She needed more time to absorb this bizarre turn of events. Time to figure out what to do with him. Julia’s closest friend was Chiara. Julia hated anyone thinking she was naive, she had already played the role of the trusting innocent. She definitely wasn’t naive anymore. Just when things were turning around for Julia. Just when she thought fate may at last be on her side she met a prince and didn’t even know it at first. He had lied to her , got her fired from her job, and owed her money. He had lead Julia on a wild-goose chase through Rome. Then he made her want dangerous things and now it would all be front page news. She’d be the laughing stock of Italy. Reduced to little more than scandal again. Her face would be on every newsstand on every corner in all of Europe.  They would dig up her family history and say she was trying to extort the prince. Worst of all they would say julia threw herself at Harry. This was more about a pressing need than sex. This was about self respect and money. He owed her a lot- 1000 Euros. She wasn’t letting Harry out of her sight until he paid her. She had gave him a full day’s guided private tour. Then harry told he never carried money. What had the past two days meant to Harry- was she some royal joke? Niccolo/ Nico threw the front page of Repubblica on a pile of newspapers on the table. His Royal Highness Crown Prince of lazaretto. Nico was grandson to the king, heir to the throne, lord of the manor, duke of a few small territories. Sometimes Nico lost track of the royal titles. There were a lot. Out of all his various roles, one was a standup as far as grief it caused him , every headache, bout of insomnia, every clench of his jaw could be attributed to his one position only- older brother to Cassian La Torre - more often than not the role weighed on Nico more than all the others combined. Nico was the face of the Torre family. He was the P R man, the one who went from country to country shaking hands, cutting ribbons, supporting every charity under the sun and more often than not cleaning up after his younger brother. Nico was tired of covering up for his brother. So needing a break from his responsibilities he takes advantage of Julia’s mistaken identity of him as her next tour. But then Nico could not pay his bill and then his identity came out andher past is revealed.

I had mixed feelings on this book. The first chapter was on the present and then went to the near past in the next chapter and I didn’t really care for that. I did like the plot and fast pace for the most part. This was a light easy read. I would have liked more build up to the romance but also understood that Nico really didn’t have much time. I did enjoy how the author described things. I also enjoyed the adventure. Very unrealistic and I felt there should have been at least some realism. It very annoying a prince out and about with no money at all. Then took advantage of Julia’s mistake and went for an all day private tour and even cost her the tour job. I did chuckle at times though I did like the passion Julia showed for the history and archaeology of Rome since I have visited there. This did somehow managed to drag for me at times. I also felt the ending was just to abrupt. But as I said I had mixed feelings about this book.