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It Happened in the Highlands - May McGoldrick

On the cusp of their wedding, Lady Josephine Pennington was jilted by her fiance because of the talk and rumors surrounding her birth. Sixteen years later, Captain Wynne Melfort finds information that could help Josephine to uncover her past so he decides to right a wrong and help her uncover the mystery.

I’m not a fan of second-chance romances, but they aren’t usually a plot in historical romances. I decided to try it out of curiosity. This wasn’t a horrible story, per se. My problem was with Wynne. I didn’t like him or his story at all. The thing is, what he did to her in the beginning completely ruined her and her life. The more the author attempted to justify it, the more it made me not like him. I’m not sure if I’ll try anything more from this author.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book