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The Love Coupon - Ainslie Paton

Felicity/Flick knows Tom and gets him to agree to rent her his spare room until Flick’s new job in Washington starts flick had already gave up her apartment and needed a place to stay for three months. Tom’s roommate just got a job promotion and left for China. . Flick’s new job is her dream job.  Flick and Tom are total opposites. Flick is chaotic, spontaneous, lod, wild and can be messy. Tom is calm, organized neat,and serious. The common thing Flick and tom share is their ambition. But Flick does seem to be able to loosen Tom up. Eventually Flick gives Tom thirty coupons covering different things like  morning sex, bubble baths and bowling but also a lot more. Tom and Flick were attracted to each other right away but let things build between them. Then Flick gave Tom the love coupons.

I enjoyed this book. I’m however not sure I liked the writing style of the author I will have to read at least another book written by this author and then decide for sure. Anyway I did like the plot but this did drag for me at times . But I did laugh out loud while reading this and that doesn't happen that often.i liked how Tom and Flick interacted with each other.  I also liked how things slowly built for Tom and Lily. I was a little disappointed it took so long for the coupons to show up in the book. I really did like Tom and Flick together. I like the back story on Flick also. So for the most part I did enjoy this book and I do recommend.