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In the Eye of the Storm / Catering to the CEO - Samantha Chase

Holly got a call from hre boss Stephan at 2 A M to come get him. Holly had been sound asleep in bed but did get up to get him. Worse off there was a storm going on. Holly was Stephan’s personal assistant. She already worked twelve hour days with him and then he would call her at eight A M on a Saturday morning with things for ehr to work on. Holly thought she could quit she had some savings she could live on until she got another job. Other companies would love to have Holly work for them as she was a hard worker, she doesn’t take a lot of time off and she is never sick. She is available almost 24/7 as she really doesn’t have social life anyway. Holly has worked for Stephen for three years and he was a workaholic A lot of things Holly did was after her twelve hour work day. Holly pulled into a parking lot of a bar and Stephen was answering his cell phone so she had to go out in the storm to get him. Stephan had gotten into a fist fight with his two best friends Will and Derek and it had to do with Holly. Holly had enough and told Stephen she quit. If Derek and Will thought she and Stephen were sleeping  together Holly wonders what the rest of the office thinks. After getting Stephen to his house he grabbed her car keys and told her he wasn’t letting her drive anymore on this stormy night and she could sleep in one of his guests rooms. The next morning Stephen had made Holly breakfast and she tried to go home but had only been gone five minutes as trees were doen blocking the road so she had to go back to Stephen’s. Stephan knew she had to stay Holly’s mind.and get her to stay as his P A as with her his business had advanced as much as it has without Holly. Derek and Stephen apologized to each other and they were ok but Will wasn’t speaking to either of them right now. Stephan planned on never having kids or getting married. But his home was huge and he told Holly that this house had everything he ever wanted in a house. So Holly and Luke decided to go down to his home theater and watch a couple movies and Holly made some snacks first. After the movies they decided to do some work. Stephen apologized for calling her so late, working her so hard, calling her on the weekends- everything. Luke’s eyes had suddenly been opened and he realized Holly was a fascinating woman who was more attractive then he ever had noticed. Holly had made Stephen laugh and smile more in one day then he had in years. Growing up poor had made Stephen determined to have the beat of everything. In less than twenty four hours  Holly had turned everything upside down. Stephen called Will and apologized and then things were o k between them. Luke told Will everything had changed since he spent the day with Holly and Will said no it was always there but Stephen would not let himself think about it because he was so focused on his business. Will told Stephen he had to decide if he wanted Holly for an assistant or lover. Holly came out when Stephen was sitting in the dark with a drink Then Stephan told her maybe she should quit and kissed her. Holly and Stephen became lovers. But after the weekend they decided to just go back to being employee and employer.

BOOK 2   Catering To The CEO     

Cassie was used to Adams demands, his tirades, his cold and brutal treatment of people around him but today she had enough and told Adam she was done Adam was the CEo of a large International Security Company. .Cassis was an CSS International preferred caterer and event planner. Cassie said that CJ Delights had enjoyed providing their service for all his events in the past two years but she could not meet Adams request this time. Losing his account would put a large dent in her five year plan of paying off the loans she had taken out to start her business. Adam said if she left now their contract was done but Cassie kept walking. Cassie was scared for her business but she felt someone had to stand up to Adam and she just had enough. Then Cassie’s dad Stephan  asked her to make dinner and he had two extra guests besides their family. Once all Stephan’s kids were there he and talked for a little bit Stephan told them he had been seeing a woman named Bev who had one son and they were there. The son was Adam who had fired Cassie today and she was very mad. Adam realized no one laughed around him.This was the first time in when he couldn’t remember that he was surrounded by people having a good time. When had his life become such a misery. Cassie came out to drive back to her shop to get dessert she had forgot there and Adam said he was going to ride with her and maybe they could clear the air as their parents were going to married so they would be family. He checked out her business when she went in to get the dessert and he was surprised to learn they she lived in an apartment above her business. Adam admitted Cassie’s company had always done a good job for his company Nothing she had made had disappointed at his events. Adam asked her to continue on the Fall Retreat event. Cassie said she would but some things had to be said - first she no longer wanted to be spoken to like she’s an idiot. She expects him to trust her when it comes to event planning and catering because that is what she does for a living. Adam decided Cassie had crossed a line Cassie permanently Adam has known Cassie for two years but all of a sudden he was driving past ehr home and he stopped and knocked at her doors later on Cassie thought she wasn’t supposed to be  having a good time with Adam. Cassie still didn’t fully trust Adam. Cassie had Endometriosis and decided to have surgery she was having a lot more pain and she wanted at least a baby someday so after her surgery Lauren spent the first day with her and Katie sent a lot of the next day with her but Cassie was happy to finally be alone and relax. Later on in late afternoon Adam showed up with pizza and milkshakes and they watched a movie. Then Adam kissed Cassie.

I really enjoyed both books in this set a lot. They were both fun easy romances. I loved Holly and Stephen together as well as Cassie and Adam. Although it was a lot  harder to like Adam as he was such a control freak. He acted like a butt through a lot of this book I would have liked more back story especially in Adam. I did feel like I was there with the characters in both books. I did feel the romance was a little  rushed with Adam and Cassie .after two years and Cassie quits Adam as well as Cassie are so attracted to each other but it was still a good book and I enjoyed it a lot. I had no problem I had no problem with keeping my attention on both books. I really liked the plot and the pace for the most part. I did love how Cassie's family was so close. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of these books and I recommend.