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Great Story and Characters

Haven - Celia Breslin

Carina/Rina was working on trying to sweat out her headache from her birthday celebration that had started the night before and ended with drinking too much with her friends/roommates/bodyguards ren and mark. Rina then came up against an inept witch that tried to attack her and Rina knocked her out. That was a nasty way to start her birthday as far as Rina is concerned. Then rina mentioned to her friends they would make it up tonight when they went out dancing. Then Mark reminded her that she had the opening of the Italian Ward Tranquilla collection- which was her last name- at the art museum. W- T for short. Faith was rina best friend and resident psychic. Faith told rina she had a surprise waiting for her at the W-T. Rina said that wouldn’t be true as her bossy brother Lorenzo would be there. But faith said the surprise was special. And important and he would change everything. Then faith saw the witch Rina had knocked out and said the witch’s aura was all wrong that she was afraid of rina even though she had attacked rina and there were cracks in the door and the darkness consumes. It hates. It’s unforgiving and it’s watching her. Then Faith swooned and her boyfriend Kai hurried down and caught her before she hit the floor. After a few minutes faith said she wasn’t sure what that was all about but they needed to stay vigilant. Rina suggested maybe they should all stay home but faith said no Rina had to go. Destiny wa sin play and had many moving parts that started at the W-T. Faith could not remember her pre teen years about twelve years total. After Rina got to Haven Lorenzo came up and told Rina they needed to talk about a family matter - it was about the past and her faulty memory. She did know Lorenzo shipped her off to boarding school after their parents death.  Lorenzo then added there was someone she needed to meet. Lorenzo went to leave and Rina told him why she had been late and Lorenzo pulled Rina into a hug. He said they would talk after her other two brothers Dom and Tony got there.they would talk about the past and where they go from there. As for the attack it was a random and that Rina was a target for some very bad people but he added it would be alright. Lorenzo was fifteen and rina was five when Lorenzo stepped up and played the surrogate parent when theirs had died. Rina didn’t know how Lorenzo reacted in their childhood as that was just a big black hole. Then Rina seen Adrien her friend and Haven’s business partner with her and sometime bed partner. Haven was their club and one of the top five dance spots in San Francisco. Rina felt power thrown to her then everyone else was basically frozen around her except the man and one she felt called her danger sirens. Then Lorenzo introduced rina to Thomas Ward. Rina told Thomas to take his hex off her friends that they were done there. Thomas said this was the beginning or actually the exciting middle . he asked Rina if she wanted to see how it all began. Thomas then tells Rina he is her uncle. And a vampire and he had blocked her memory and power. The bad boy Rina felt compelled to was the one and named Alexander. He was the one true soulmate for Rina. Alexander/Alec was a new vampire as vampires went - a youngling. As rina remembers Thomas and others from her past she finds out they are all from a vampire family who had left her and taken her memory for Rina’s own safety. Rina also learns the man she thought was her other uncle was actually her biological father and she was a hybrid vampire princess and Alec has a very important part to play in Rina’s life.

I absolutely loved this book. This had a lot of action and twists and turns that i loved. The chemistry was hot between Alec and Rina before they even met but was off the charts after meeting. I liked how Rina interacted with her friends and how Adrien was still there for her any way that he can  after she only had eyes for Alec sexually. I loved her brooding uncle Jonas who still managed to show her how much he loved her. I loved the plot and pace. I didn’t want to put this book down as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I enjoyed watching Rina have to let go of some of the control that was such a large part of her. This kept my attention from beginning to end. I could not find anything to criticize as far as I am concerned and i loved that. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I highly recommend.