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Good Characters and story

Syncopation - Anna Zabo

Ray stared at the tabloid website headline. Carl was the no good band manager the record label had sent. Ray was accused of being drunk and attacking fellow band member - the drummer Kevin who had actually been the one drunk and the rest of the band- twisted wishes- attested to it. Carl knew kevin had been drinking on tour ray had even went to carl about it and nothing had been done. The band needed the tour for the record label dangled in front of them. Ray had put the strange little band together -Dom his best friend from HS , Mish the red haired bass playing crooner. Abd Kevin the kid from YouTube . Ray had brought them all together and they had done the impossible and had a hit. But Kevin hadn’t survived the pressure - all the publicity, touring, maybe it was ray’s fault always going on about practices and looking and sounding their best. They hadn’t had a break in months. Xavier had got a scholarship for drums at Juilliard. Ray had asked him back in HS about joining the band and Xavier had said no in a uphanded way . But Xavier had been attracted to Rya but Ray was sixteen Xavier was eighteen - no way. Xavier followed Rays career as he never got over the nerve of that cocky sophomore approaching a Juilliard bound Senior for his garage band. Xavier hadn’t been on stage for three months, not since Xavier had walked away from his position as  principal timpani on the Silverton Orchestra. Xavier had slept with the Maestro Dimitri Ferbian. But Dimitri wanted romance and love and Xavier was aromantic and Dimitri was incapable of hearing anything he didn’t want to hear. Xavier still hadn’t found another orchestra position when he decide to submit his CV and type up a statement of intent and sent it to the auditions for a drummer for Twisted Wishes. Xavier now knew not to have sex with those he worked with. Xavier had been everything ray had wanted to be- born with rock star looks, and a rock star name , and a musical prodigy also. Xavier joins the band. Ray and Xavier are very attracted to each other and have hot chemistry but Xavier makes it clear he’s not a relationship type of person so they start out as casual lovers . the manager and record labels gives Xavier and ray a rough time about their relationship but Ray and Xavier still continue being lovers.

I enjoyed this book considering I don’t read male/male or female/female books. But i accidentally chose this one I apparently seen Rock star and that's all it took oh well. But here is what I thought. I liked the plot  but felt this dragged at times. I skipped over the sex parts and I am not really into whips when it comes to the BDSM part so I didn't miss everything. I had never heard of aromance so that was something new and interesting. I did like the actual build up for Ray and Xavier to build a friendship before the sensual part. I really liked how protective Xavier was of Ray. I loved Ray’s commitment to the band. I also liked how ray and the band interacted with each other including ray and Xavier. I liked Mish and Dom also. So as long as you knew what this entails I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.