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Great Story and Characters

Blood Veil - Megan Erickson

Celia worked as an ER nurse at Mission Hospital . She was the head of intake and there was  a new strain of flu . Celia prayed she didn’t get sick , she couldn’t afford to take the time off. Celia learned early on she was the only one she could trust she had learned that early on as she had been in the foster care system all her life. Celia always assumed the worst of everyone but celia also knew why she odd this. Celia had developed an uncanny knack for blending into the background. Celia was a perpetual extra in life and she ;liked it that way.Celia had been having dreams that scared the the hell out of her so she wasn’t sleeping that well and told Landon who had brought her down to the cafe to grab something to eat and bought it for her as she had gotten dizzy when she stood up as she skipped lunch. Then Landon offered to cook her a meal and bring some wine so maybe she would get a better night’s sleep. It had always been hard for celia to make friends as she seemed to sabotage any starting friendships. She is used to being a loner. Celia working with her patients filled her up, made her happy and gave her the small human interaction that kept her sane. But Monica was different and was her friend. Celia had been in the foster care system all her life. Indris was a member of the ruling Gregori family. It had been three weeks since Idris had started watching Celia and one week since he had been at the club Bite- where humans went to have blood drank from them by a vampire and often had sex and the vampire came for blood-when his brother Athan  had met him and questioned his motives. Celia’s father was head of the Vallerin vampire family who had managed to convince Athan and Idris’s father to go against everything Idris and his brother had been raised to believe in. Indris wanted to hate Celia , to loathe her but he didn’t. Landon wanted Celia Idris could tell by how Landon looked at her and that idris want to slit landon’s throat. The protectiveness and ownership of her had risen inside of Idris like a tidal wave. Celia was a vampire princess- Vallerin’s daughter and therefore a bargaining chip and why Indris was watching that nothing bad happened to her- a dhamper- half human half vampire and they are turned to a full vampire usually by eighteen. Athan and Indris didn’t know if Celia knew about her parentage and she hadn’t. Idris had a penchant for acting before thinking things through and that was why Athan was checking on him. When Indris looked at Celia he felt he had a purpose, what worried him was he didn’t know where that purpose would lead him or Celia. Acelia is attacked and idris saves her and takes her to his underground home to keep her safe. Idris is strongly attracted to Celia and she to him.

I loved this book. I loved how Celia instantly trusted Idris after he saved her life even though he was a vampire. I loved how Celia and Indris interacted with each other.I loved how Celia was willing and did  sacrifice herself for Indris and her sister Amelia. I loved the plot of this book. It kept my interest from beginning to end. I felt so bad when Idris thought Celia was dead when he was forced to drain her. I loved the ending. I loved the action and was glad that Keno got what was coming to him. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.