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The House on Harbor Hill - Shelly Stratton

Delilah made her home in Harbor Hill a sanctuary for women needing security and a chance to rebuild their lives. Delilah tend to women one at a time offering her support, kindness, and understanding along with free room and board Tracey is an abused wife always on the run from her husband Paul, then he finds her. Tracey had two small kids- thirteen month old Maggie and also a son named Caleb who has been fed a lot of disappointment for the last eighteen months. . Aidan lived at Harbor Hill with his mother Rosario after living in their cars for months.Aidan had been eight anf they lived with Delilah for eight years.  Aidan had returned four years ago when his world imploded. Delilah had an abusive and hard life. And she had a lot of secrets. Delilah only asked for respect and companionship. Back she had not received that as a young woman. Delilah had been acquitted of her rich husbands death. Tracey won’t say where she’s from or what sent her into hiding. But she reminds Delilah of the hopeful spirited girl she had once been. Tracey found an envelope taped to her door from Delilah offering her help. Tracey worked at the hotel restaurant she just didn’t make enough. Tracey wanted a better job but she was a full time mom and a college dropout. Tracey had fled from her home one year ago. Tracey had went to the local welfare office but they needed her husband’s name and address for child support but Tracey didn’t want her husband to know where she and the kids were. He’d come after them, he’d try to make her go back and Tracey was never going back. Tracey hurried out of the office. Then Tracey finds an eviction notice on her door. Then Tracey thought of Delilah’s note that said her door was always open. At Delilah’s she remembered when she had seen Claudra with the same desperation in her eyes years ago when Delilah had sent the note to.  Delilah had heard a voice whispering in her ear for the last forty years. Delilah had tried to get rid of the voice for years, had been blessed by her minister and she had read the bible until her vision blurred and she even gone to a mystic healer. Harbor Hill not only serves as a place of substance and healing but also a place to bury things and Aidan had a lot of pain and scars. Aidan had been a high powered attorney in Chicago. Aidan wished he had been more attentive to his own wife Trish. Back then Aidan worked fourteen hours a day at the law firm and doing whatever he had to do to make partner. Delilah seen Tracey at the grocery store and spoke to her Tracey basically ignored her and didn’t want to be around Delilah. But at the check out Tracey’s card was denied and she didn’t have enough cash to cover her bill but Delilah stepped up and paid for all the groceries. Tracey waited for Delilah and told hr thank you and then agreed to bring her kids and to have dinner with Delilah.

I enjoyed reading this book. I was POed when Aidan threatened Delilah  of stopping Tracey from going there if she didn’t go to the doctors who did he think he was she opened her home to him as a kid and as a man I just thought he stepped way over the line to a woman who had been nothing but good to him.  That really took me a minute to get over. As you can tell I felt like I was there and became involved with the characters and that was great. I liked how Delilah tried so hard to help women who needed a place to go kids or not. I felt the author did a good job with the abuse given by spouses. I also felt it was a realistic portrayal. I liked the plot and pace of this book. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.