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mixed feelings

Without Warning (Vigilance) - Desiree Holt

Blake had the piece of paper that said “ I know what you did “ - whoever this was moved like a ghost -silent and unseen, leaving Blake taunting messages. Who was doing this- a reader he had offended? A blogger? A reviewer? The notes showed up in different cities-wherever Blake had a signing. Different hotels and venues. Someone was tracking his tour. Not just the cities but the facilities- bookstores, event centers, wherever. Blake really wanted to enjoy his success a little after the hard climb it took to get to this point. After this signing blake had a week off. Sam and Blake had a crush on each other but only had one date as Sam wasn’t in the click Blake was in and his friends convinced hois to leave her alone and he did. That really hurt Sam. It had been fifteen years since that incident but neither had forgotten the other. Sam had been in the military for eight years and now worked for a very prestigious security firm- Vigilance - that was now based in Blake’s home town.  Blake and his agent decided he needed a bodyguard as the stalker was stepper up with his notes with threats now. Blake got an appointment to see someone at Vigilance and he was given a bodyguard and it just so happened to be Sam. Sam is cool to Blake part of it is a normal part of the job the other was personal. The same attraction was still there. Sam tried to fight it would not be right or safe to be sleeping with the person she was to protect.

I enjoyed this book but I did have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t really connect with Sam. Not the fact after a long time there were still feelings and mistrust you move on with your life especially from HS.i did love this had a lot of twists and turns. I also really enjoyed the suspense, intrigue,  and drama. I felt the ending was rushed. I did figure out who the stalker was but that was ok with me still enjoyed the book. This was a quick read with a good pace. I really liked how Sam was a female yet became Blake’s bodyguard. I would have liked to rate this 3.5 but can’t so had to give a three.