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Italian Billionaire's Unexpected Lover (The Romano Brothers Series Book 2) - Leslie North

Luciana got a text to meet with the daycare as Natalia had  another nightmare at naptime. This will be the third that Luciana was asked to take Natalia- her niece.  out of because of her nightmares and that was in a month. Luciana’s sister and Natalia’s mom Sophia and Natalia had been in a car accident that had taken Sophia’s    life and Natalia had been in the car for an hour with her dead mother and had to be taken out of car. Luciana had to leave early at a job she had just started. She had only had this job for two weeks when the previous manager up and quit on Gianpierre to manage celebrity parties.  Luciana didn’t know how she would manage it. Her new boss was Gianpierre who was a world renowned structural engineer specializing in the restoration of medieval structure like this one- his families once thriving Romano del Mare resort. For the millionth time in a month since she had come to Sicily wished she could ask Sophia how to take care of Natalia and hold a job. But that couldn’t happen since her sister was gone. Luciana had went from a distant aunt and godmother to raising Natalia and being a brand new mom of a five year old traumatized little girl. Natalia’s nightmares were getting worse. Luciana had fins a new home for natalia where she could focus on joy and happiness not the pain of old memories. Luciana had really needed this job as burying Sophia had been expensive and raising Natalia wasn’t cheap. Luciana actually craved her boss but she couldn’t jeopardize her job by getting involved with her boss as she had Natalia. Gianpierre knew he had to get rid of Luciana as she was a distraction since she had started. Then the ground under Luciana’s feet disappeared and Gianpierre caught her and pulled her to safety and the fires Luciana. Then Luciana said no she couldn’t lose her job and said my sister my niece. Then Gianpierre learned Luciana had lost her sister and was raising her niece.  He told her to go attend to what she needed to and take the next day off and then come back to work. With Gianpierre it was all about the end results. He needed to finish this project at the Romano del Mare as he had been offered a position in Dubai. The opportunity was running out of time for him to accept. Gianpierre had been renting an apartment for ten years since it used it as a base home.Then Luciana showed up with a realtor and learned there was a new owner and the apartments were to be sold no longer rented. Gainpierre made sure he backed the loan when the bank turned her down so natalia and Luciana had a new home then he offered to rent a room until he left. Then one night Gainpierre kissed Luciana after they had been partially buried at the resort and they had to wait to be dug out. Now he craved Luciana with a need so powerful it hurt. Luciana loved having Gainpierre with her and Natalia but then realized she had unthinkingly set Natalia up for another loss. One day when Luciana got back to the apartment after having problems with a worker and how natalia was treated at her current daycare Gianpierre told her he had hired a nanny for Natalia. The nanny had experience in working with traumatized children. He also said he would take care of the cost. As he had to make sure Natalia and Luciana were o k. Luciana and Gainpierre became lovers but they both knew their time was short. Nanny esposito was working out great. Gianpierre was always discreet of the growing relationship between him and Luciana. Gianpierre had a tension in him unless luciana was near and this had never happened to him before.  

I truly enjoyed this book. It was a quick, fun easy  read and romance. I liked that the Romano del Mare was still a big part of this story and brought together a Romano brother and his true love. I loved Natalia and she definitely added to this book. I loved how Gianpierre made sure Natalie and Luciana got their new place to live and made she got the loan she needed to purchase the apartment and how he got a nanny to make it easier for both Natalia and Luciana.  I also loved Gianpierre with Natalia. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5.