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good book and characters

Italian Billionaire's Stubborn Lover (Romano Brothers, #1) - Leslie North

Adeline was a luxury real estate agent who had come to Italy- Sicily specifically for adventure. But After two years She also had to watch a resort she loved fall to ruins but she had enough She had a job offer in Spain. She had come to Sicily several times with her grandparents every summer. Adeline had learned about love and life there and they always stayed at the Romano del Mare. She had joined the company that held listing of the Romano del Mare eight months ago. Adseline hoped to find the love her grandparents had shown her. Adeline hoped to find that someday. The resort had not had a customer in a decade. When the original owners got to old to handle managing the resort they handed it over to a management company that allowed the resort to become a broken memory of happier times. Then one of the Romano brothers showed up in Adeline’s office to tell her that he and his brothers  wanted to sell the property. Adeline had pleaded with Nicolo not to sell the property. She had a whole notebook of things that needed to be done and prices and contractors she had talked to about the work. Eventually Nicolo gave in and said he would at least do some improvements and Adeline came up with a fake buyer. Nicolo started to care deeply and he didn’t want her for a one night stand after they had slept together.nicolo realized he wanted Adeline in his life. The one who wandered the world, the one who wanted no ties and had no roots and liked it that way

I really enjoyed this book and loved the growth Nicolo went through. I loved Adeline and Nicolo together.  I also really liked that she got Nicolo to want to fix up the Romano del Mare and how many jobs the resort had given to the people. Nicolo also learned to be proud of the resort and all it stood for. I wasn't too happy how Nicolo  had acted when Adeline told she had lied about that man and he had had been a fake buyer.. I was so glad he brother made Nicolo see reason and to follow his heart. I felt like I was there with Adeline and Nicolo which is a tip of my hat to the author. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.