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great book and great characters

Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover (The Romano Brothers Series Book 3) - Leslie North

Leonardo had taken a temporary office in the Romano del mare. The structure repairs were almost complete.  Ow it was Leonardo’s turn to apply hid personal mastery to the resort to again accept vacationers. Everything Everything the vacationers ate, touched smelt and much of which they saw would become.Much of what they saw would be because of Leonardo’s vision of what an amazing resort  experience. Well that was how Leonardo intended it but matters were being pulled out of his control. Leonardo did not like not being in control ever. Leonardo felt trapped under a million decisions and there was no escaping . He looked at a beautiful woman by the cliffs and she appeared to have a sense of freedom by the teetering edge of the cliff. Leonardo was signing a contract between romano International and Gallant Industries.But he was growing uneasy that he was signing too much of his control. Leonardo had personally overseen the launch and relaunch of hundreds of spas and resorts and had built a chain of Romano hotels that spanned the globe. Then the woman he had seen was at his office door and said she was Stella Brown and she had been sent by the International Preservation Society to enforce the preservation laws and to direct him on how to rewrite his renovation plans. Stella felt men weren’t supposed to be so good looking as Leonardo isin real life.It made it hard to think and Stella’s job was on the line. Stella had a no- holds -barred zest for life which wasn’t within everyone’s comfort zone. Leonardo found out they had in fact had broken preservation laws.  With Stella’s vision they would never make back the millions of euros they had already had put into the resort. Leonardo seen Stella and invited her to lunch in town, and she accepted. While at the restaurant Leonardo asked about the scar down her chest and Adeline said she had very sick but had been given a new heart. Saving abused or overlooked treasures had been Stella’s job since she had graduated college. After lunch Stella asked Leonardo to take her someplace and it turned out ot be an old book store but to Stella’s surprise leonardo was already well known there. Leonardi bought books about the old west. Leonardo said sometimes what you do and are good at is not who you are. Then Stella offered herself for a kiss and the one she got curled her toes. Since the kiss two weeks ago and leonardo couldn’t get it off his mind. Leonardo wanted time to get to know Stella and to spend time with her. Stella was different from anyone leonardo had ever spent time with or had romantic feelings for. Stella seemed fragile and delicate to Leonardo Stella met Adeline at the resort and she told Stella Leonardo really liked her. One Stautday Stella came to the resort and Leonardo was outside while the lawyers were arguing about the renovations inside. Leonardo and Stella went for a walk to a private beach Leonardo's family owned an old sign that said topless- Leonardo had made it a long time ago. Leonardo and Stella ended up in the sea naked and then they became lovers. Leonardo had no choice but to go with the original plans for the resort. When he told Stella she told him to go ahead and  build a wall around his heart.and he did so he thought. Then Leonardo got paperwork from the preservation Society. He finally gave up and left the Romano del Mare. leonardo left Italy without any word to anyone. But Stella still found him.

I loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick, fun, romantic read. I learned about what historical landmarks and renovating old buildings. Also what an owner can go through with these types of properties.  I loved the pace and the plot. I loved leonardo and Stella together. I enjoyed all three books in this series and read them im order as that helped to keep everything straight. But for some reason this was my favorite. I found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i highly recommend.