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great book and great characters

Howl For It - Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

Like A Wolf With A Bone:

doing what he did for a living and that was kill and he was good at it. But he killed with purpose for the protection of his kind and the breeds and species he really didn’t care about but figured deserved protection. But now he was back home and his brothers were determined to secure themselves some females. His brothers didn’t entice or seduce they argued with their She Wolves,. His brother had put him in the car earlier and they headed for North Carolina where their She Wolves were with their family as they are all sisters. But then he saw the youngest lewis sister on the porch. He wanted to go up and introduce himself but what would a girl like her do with a wolf like him? Also her entire family hated him on principle . Darla had also been sent her home for a visit  by her boss. Darla Smith was an assistant Pastry Chef for Van Holtz Steakhouse in San Francisco The Van Holtz understood pack life. Darla went to the woods and found a gun pointed in her face before she could even shift but one of the Smith Brothers killed the human before he could shoot her and killed several more of the humans who had been hired to come and kill her. Eggie realized Darla was bleeding and took her to the base to be taken care of and they put stitches in her back. Eggie told his team leader to find out who wanted darla dead. Darla came to and Eggie was driving and they were now in Tennessee and he told her she was safe and after a few minutes of looking at Eggie she believed him and said so. Egie knew he would protect Darla Smith with his life.

Wed Or Dead:

Normally Kayla Kincade wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone but this was her wedding day. She should be running from Vegas  gage Riley was the groom and was the sexiest man kayla had ever seen. But he was a job, her assignment was. Kayla had her orders to get close to Gage by any means necessary but this didn’t feel like an assignment Marriage hadn’t been  on Kayla’s agenda. But it had been on Gage’s and if she didn’t marry him she would lose the connection as Gage had pushed for this. If Kayla lost the connection the assignment would go to hell. Just once Kayla wished she could be normal and in love  and going to marry the man of her dreams. As she agreed to love, honor, and cherish Kayla knew she would betray and hurt. Kayla was using herself as bait to set up her groom. Kayla hated her life. Gage’s smile could melt panties off you. Kayla di want her husband and before all the chaos started she would have him. Kayla had put Gage off for weeks tempting him but never letting things go to far. But now she was his wife and he would have her. For almost two months Gage had played her game. Gage wasn’t used to waiting but Kayla he did. She had her secrets but so did he. After a night of fantastic sex  Kayla waited in the bathroom for the call. She told Lyle the job was done.Lyle said not yet but you are close, killing close. Kayla was a Hunter and Gage was her prey. Then lyle told kay;la to go kill her new husband. Kayla had always been such a good hunter. Her own family had been attacked by someone like Gage. But when Kayla looked at Gage she didn't see the monster she saw the man. Gage was suppose to be lethal . the strongest paranormal badass to claim Vegas in years. Gage was a wolf shifter. As a Hunter she was the one sent to keep the humans safe in the world. As she came out with her knife gage jumped up with his hands now claws and he could kill her right then and there. Gage told Kayla he knew she was A Hunter the first time she walked into the bar. Gage ran the wolf pack in Vegas. Sometimes even a Hunter had to break the rules so she let the silver knife she had in her hands drop to the carpet. There wasn’t any second chances for Hunters. If Lyle cast her out of the unit what would happen to her brother Jonah? Kayla told Gage he had to leave as three of Lyles team were coming to kill Gage if he wasn’t already dead.. Gage lost the hunters and took Kayla to a shack  in the desert after he jumped with erh out the hotel window. When questioned Kayla said sometime you want something so badly that you’ll do anything to get what you want. Gage knew the feeling he was looking at the thing he wanted most- Kayla. Enough to even risk the pack. Of all the shifters wolves were the ones that danced closest to insanity. The Hunters arrived at the shack but Gage took care of them . Then he was after the leader to kill him but Kayla yelled out “ don’t he’s my brother”. Gage was distracted by Kayla and he was tranqued but so was Kayla. Gage knew before he passed out that one or both of his wolves had betrayed him. Kayla wondered why her and Gage were still alive. Kayla was human so she understood that but why was Gage and he was handcuffed to her. Then Gage let Kayla know Lyle was actually a shifter. Lyle planned on killing the wolf pack and leading Vegas and what a bloodbath that will be.

Both of these books were great. Action filled, fum quick reads. I loved Darla and Eggie together. I had to laugh out loud while reading this book. Darla’s sisters were so funny. I loved how darla just instantly trusted Eggie but she did have the sight like her grandmother. She also seen Eggie like no one else. What Eggie’s father did bringing the humans to their town  that wanted darla dead was just so wrong. I loved the ending. I also loved Darla and eggie together. I loved how she stuck up for Eggie when her sister were in his home. In the second book we had Kayla and Gage and i also loved them together. I loved how loyal Gage was to Kayla even over his pack. There was a lot of action in this book. But more than anything it was about the growing bond between Gage and Kayla. My heart broke when Kayla found out all this time the man who had killed her parents was the man she worked for. I also loved the bond between Kayla and Jonah. I loved the pace and plot of both books. Two different but great reads and it all came down to love and how it can conquer all. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of these books and I highly recommend. Eggie was a wolf shifter. Eggie watched the She Wolf.on the porch. Eggie hated what humans called a vacation and what his military brothers called a leave. Eggie was in a special units of the marines. On to top it off it was forced on him. He was lucky enough to be one of the few men in the world who enjoyed