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great book and great characters

Under the Blood Moon - Tracie Provost

Juliette wondered how long she had been in her enforced sleep . Where was she? The Hunter had staked her and put her in a crypt. Andre was her sire as wella s her lover and she heard his voice that they should leave. Juliette was a vampire and she knew the cardinal rules of vampire culture was t o leave no evidence of their existence. Andre told Juliette she was too soft hearted and it would not serve her well in this time. Andre told Juliette they were still in New Orleans but it was much bigger than she remembered. Andre told her she had been in her tupor -was the vampire’s mechanism  for dealing with great strain- for nearly two hundred and twelve years. Juliette had a vague memory of fighting with a hunter before he had staked her. .Andre let her know he had to inform the Grandmaster he had found her. Then he added Marc Gauthier was the grand master. As they sped through New Orleans Juliette fek]lt the same trepidation she had when she first set foot in New Orleans after fleeing St Dominique Andre said once he presented her to the grand master they will go and see frederique as she would be happy to see Juliette. Then the grand master’s Stewart was his sister Sophie and shew as introduced to Juliette. She offered to take Juliette up to refresh herself. After meeting Marc and being questioned alone Marc’s nephew Chris had been badly mauled and bitten twice by a werewolf.  He had been brought in by Josh Juliette healed the boy chris who was sixteen. Juliette told his uncle that he would have his first shift into a wolf the next full moon. Then Andre said Juliette could do spells and witches stuff to prevent that. Juliette was Frederique’s friend before Andre changed her. There were more attacks by were wolves but they were man eaters this time and Juliette started to ward the city. Her friend Frederique as well as Andre and all the other aether in New Orleans, had died in a fire. There was no one to be found now. Juliette did stop Chris from shifting into a wolf and he would no longer have to worry about that. Chris was Marc’s nephew but also his heir. There was a lot of things going on in New Orleans. Juliette swore to be faithful to Marc and do whatever she could to help. Sophie begged Juliette to get a bodyguard. While magically warding the city against werewolves. Josh escorted her every night and Juliette found herself attracted to him but felt bad as it hadn’t been that long since the passing of Andre.

This was a great read and I loved it. I loved the plot nd the pace.I didn’t want to wait to see what was going to happen next. This book had my attention from beginning to to end. I loved Josh and Juliette together and how protective Josh was of Juliette. I loved how sweet Sophie was to Juliette and actually being her friend.  . Also how protective of Juliette she was. I loved the intrigue, mystery, betrayal and suspense in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was a great supernatural book. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.