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Great Story and Characters

Playing the Pauses - Michelle Hazen

Kate was the new tour manager for the Red Letters - and up and coming band. She had become the new tour manager when the original one ended up in the hospital and at the very last minute and that was hard. She will be whatever she has to be for the next six weeks to pull off a successful tour. Kate is a walking life support system for rock bands. The Red Letters have three musicians in it. One female who was Jera who was on drums and wrote songs , then there was Danny the bassist who could also write songs, and Jax was on guitar and sang vocals and he he also could help write songs.Danny is also a tattoo artist.  Concert tours were hell on performers - they got put through the wringer - rocketing from the euphoria of the shows to the boredom of mundane travel. Kate has to now cram months of prep work into eighteen hours before the first show and finds the old manager had went was over a logical budget and changes would have to be made or the tour would end up in deeply in the red by the end of it. Kate had to be the one to fix it and tell the band. Kate is very attracted to Danny but knows he has to be hands off. Jera has a boyfriend at home and the are helping raise his little sister Maya. Kate has morals although she doesn’t apply them to the musicians she works with. Then Danny lets Kate know Jax just quit UPS so he is jonesing for something to organize. Kate’s kryptonite comes in two flavors- the first and most strictly forbidden is musicians and the second is dominant men and Danny is both. Kate swore off musicians two years ago. Kate was still building her career and couldn’t afford an affair with one of the band members that might get messy. Danny told Kate he would take care of his band and she do the paperwork. Then Kate has to tell the band this tours organization was a disaster. Kate says she needs to speak to  the band's manager and finds out it is Jera’s father she says she needs hi authorization to make some major changes and explains why. They need to let some people go, add some tour dates, get tour buses and not fly everywhere. They also needed to reduce production they were carrying. Kate told them they could fire her but that wouldn’t change the problem. Kate couldn’t help herself Danny was everything Kate wanted and shouldn’t have. They became lovers but Kate had her rules one was no one was to know about them as she knew what she had to lose.

I loved this book and didn’t want to put it down and didn’t except when I absolutely had to. I loved Danny and Kate together. I loved Jera and Jacob together and how much they loved each other . I also loved Maya. I loved the plot and the pace of this book. I loved how this book showed how very rough touring can really be especially when a band is just taking off. I liked the BDSM aspect as it was done tastefully and was informative about this lifestyle. I could not find anything to criticize and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.