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Good Characters and story

Helping Her Remember (The Crawford Falls Series Book 1) - Kate Carley

Dylan looked at his friends- Lacey, Hawk, Bryann, Grady, Talia and his best friend Jesse. They all watched his reaction upon learning Kelly had moved back home. Dylan went over and helped Kelly Anne empty her U-Haul  and met her son AJ. He didn’t know A J was also his son. Seven long years Kelly Anne had been gone and she had been Dylan’s only love. Dylan still loved her. Dylan was determined to get her back. Dylan never knew that Kally had seen him with the other naked girl and heard him also putting her down then she had left town with a shattered heart. She then learn she was pregnant by the man who had taken her virginity and who she  had loved. Dylan and his friends met every week for coffee and to catch up. Dylan’s family owned an apple orchard and Dylan and his older brother Jake ran it and take turns taking care of their father. Dylan was an alcoholic but had been sober for four years now. Dylan told Kelly Anne he loved her and wanted her back. Kelly then told Dylan she had seen him and heard him put her down before she left town. Kelly knew she had to tell Dylan A J was his son as he was intelligent and would figure it out especially now he was A J’s little league coach. Kelly had never gotten over Dylan and still reacted to him whenever he was near. Kelly was now a nurse and her passion was seniors with dementia. Kelly was at the little league game watching AJ play afterwards Dylan’s dad Ras said hoe AJ was just like his dad at that age and looked just like Dylan. Ras innocently let it be known AJ was Dylan’s son and then Kelly admitted it to Dylan. Dylan was furious as kelly asked if they could still meet later to talk but dylan was too mad and hurt and just said he would pick his son up the next day to start to get to know him. He also added Kelly had better tell AJ Dylan was his father before he picked AJ up. The next day Dylan took AJ and then for lunch they went to the original homestead. AJ hit it off with his grandfather Ras.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Dylan and Kelly Ann together. I loved how Dylan forgave Kelly Ann and even understood when he had time to think about everything and how his drinking had been.this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride . I like the way the author handled teen pregnancy, teen alcoholism, guilt, dementia, and a lot more. I love how Kelly’s girlfriends forgave her for leaving without a reason or goodbye. I  liked the plot as well as the pace. I loved how Jesse had Dylan’s back no matter what. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.