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Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

12 years earlier- Jen didn’t care about popularity as she went through the halls of Green Hills HS. She had played the lead- Sandy- in the HS adaptation of Grease. She had dyed her hair blonde, wore tight pants and for now she was wanted. Normally Jen was the outcast not that she wanted to be a nobody it was just so much easier not to care. TJ was in Jen’s history class and she had been crushing on him . He was a hot rich nerd. Present day- Jen was at her moms checking on her.Also jen was checking her bank account hoping it hadn’t bounced so far she was ok. She had lost her job at the Maple Springs Community Theater due to Federal funding cuts. Jen hated being broke but until her Broadway dreams came true or the sugar daddy's quit evading her it was probably her destiny.  Jen took the brunt of her mother’s frustration with her life. Jen and her mother really didn’t know how to love each other. Her mother had battled cancer for the last year or so and gave up drinking and smoking but then was still another cyst. Jen was trying to show her mother she cared by showing up daily taking her to the doctor when she needed to go. Making her food or whatever she could do. Sometimes jen wanted to stand on the side of the highway and hitchhike her way out of this life.  Jen had crushed on TJ during middle and HS now she worked for his and his buddies companyStag for several years now as a bartender and recently a temporary receptionist. Jen didn’t have a lot of friends especially female but she really liked Charlotte who was one of TJ’s partners -Dean- and friend’s girlfriend. What Jen didn’t know was when TJ looked at jen all he seen was curvy hips, plump red lips, and colorful tattoos of flowers and fairies. She was an enigma.

I just couldn’t really get into this book. I felt like Jen had a big chip on her shoulder she needed to get rid of. TJ was nice to her and all she usually did was taunt him that was just very immature. Jen had been into TJ since HS but you couldn’t tell by the way she acted as far as I am concerned she was suppose to be an adult. Jen and TJ just don’t jell for me as a couple. If anything TJ is too nice for her. I also felt the end was too rushed. This just wasn’t for me.