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good book and characters

Hollow Moon (Decorah Security Series, Book #17): A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novella - Rebecca York

Knox was a wolf shifter and knew he was being followed. Then he was  told to turn around with his hands in the air. Knox had smelled something wrong in the woods where he had went to spend some wolf time. He should have called for backup as he was the new member of Decorah Security and was a P I  but instead went off on his own and now had been caught. His cousin Cole got him involved in the agency that believed in using shifters talents and Knox liked that.  He was brought to a shack and put in a tin shed and the sick smell of drugs was in the air. Then his captors had put some drugs in a gas form and Knox had thought they were poison but started to hallucinate. He returned to wolf form and when one of his captors opened the door he took off toward the woods they did manage to shot him in his thigh but it went straight through. He was lying on the ground when a women came up to him. Hse was camping and her name was Maggie and she helped Knox and took care of his wound. He still had problems with hallucinating and ended up getting her off because he said they needed sex magic. Then Knox came to and was ashamed but Maggie told him not to be they they had sex but then his captors were coming one was Maggie’s brother Campbell. Maggie covered for Knox as he took off out the back of the tent and Campbell took her with him at gunpoint.

I enjoyed this novella but I would have really liked if it had been a full length book. Things happened so quickly and in this case they did feel very rushed yet I did enjoy the novella. I loved Knox and Maggie together. I also loved that the company used shapeshifters talents. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this novella and I recommend.