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Must Love Horses - Vicki Tharp

Bryan has a prosthetic leg and lives on the large S ranch. Bryan lost his leg while deployed and in the service.  Bryan is basically in charge of construction.  Bryan has adjusted pretty well but there is still pain both real and phantom and some PTSD.Bryan dealt with the pain with painkillers and alcohol.  Sidney was trying to get a job at the Lazy S as a horse trainer. Her parents had been horse trainers before her but had abusive ways and were alcoholics and had been exposed for their abuse and they tainted the chance Sidney had of doing something she loved and she was good at. Bryan recognized the her last name.Sidney had her own horse Eli who was an escape artist and all he wants to do is be near Sidney. Bryan decies to hire Sidney even though his gut told him she could be trouble.  At first Bryan and Sidney don’t get off to a good start  but she does earn Bryan’s respect. Then there is an attraction between Sidney and Bryan but Sidney was afraid of Bryan’s use of alcohol and painkillers she didn’t need the problems after her parents. Bryan let Sidney know he didn’t do casual and Sidney threw out mixed messages.  Then there is some trouble with drugs being taking across the border.

I enjoyed this story but choked up at times. I loved Sidney’s horse Eli and felt he added to this book. I advise you to read the first book in the series so everything goes together and is understood. I thought it was foolish when Bryan and Sidney didn’t have backup when they went up looking for the lost horses. This did drag for me at times but not enough that I didn’t finish and enjoy this. I liked the plot. I felt this could be a realistic portrayal of issues our wounded warriors face. I did like Bryan and Sidney together once she decided to stop fighting their attraction knowing Bryan didn’t do casual. I like the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.