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Kian - Melody Anne

Kian was a trauma surgeon and he loves that he was capable of saving a life other doctors couldn’t. When it came to kids he had an extra wide soft side. Hope that he could save one more child kept him moving forward. Kian saw a very pregnant woman and was told she had been stabbed about fifteen to eighteen times. Then Kian realized it was Roxie’s sister -Pamela and she whispered his name. Then she whispered that the little girl had also been stabbed was hos from the one night stand they had four years ago when he was real low. The little girl -Lily- had also been stabbed several times. Pam added you and Roxie need to raise her and this baby if she makes it. Roxie got the call about her sister and knew the routine as she had been a nurse for the last six years. Kian and Roxie had been in love four years ago she left him a very short note and and had left time. Roxie and Pamela’s mom had left them with an alcoholic father and ran off. Kian wants Roxie back when she is back to be with her niece

I didn’t finish this book Maybe if Roxie didn’t go running back and forth I could have got through Kian sleeping with Roxie’s sister Pam when he was suppose to love Roxie so much. Mistakes can be made .Anyway I just got to annoyed and couldn’t finish this book. .