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great book and great characters

Fake Wife - Stacey  Lynn

Dylan was feeling restless. He hadn’t been out of rehab very long. His excessive drinking had put him there after he had an accident. After touring in his band Shaughnessy for years and then taking their time off to join other bands on their gigs it seemed odd to have nothing to do. He could look back on the last ten years of his life and realize while he loved playing the bass- loved the music- the lifestyle had almost killed him. Too many years drinking and partying too hard and he had paid the price. Dylan was at loose ends and he didn’t know what to do with himself. Dylan knew he wasn’t meant to live a quiet and tranquil life. Dylan knew he couldn’t keep living in isolation but he also couldn’t go back to his old haunts. Dylan looked at the Literacy campaign information Mick- the bands manager had brought over. From the look of the schedule Mick had included the entire thing would take about three months between the organization and planning phase and the actual campaign itself. There would be speaking engagements, commercial shoots, print ads it would fill his time and get him positively in the public eye- hopefully. Dylan read through all twelve pages and on the bottom of the last page was the contact person- Paige Walters. Paige was going to make a presentation on the status of the literacy campaign. It was her brainchild. Reading was Paige’s passion. Public relations,marketing, and promoting were in Paige’s blood. Her father owned a very successful PR firm and Paige worked for him-PRW- and Paige had been wondering i the office halls since she was a toddler. Now as one of the senior account managers and could pitch her brainchild campaign. Dylan went to Paige’s office as she was getting ready to leave. Her assistant Daisy was completely awed at seeing Dylan. Dylan found Paige in the garage. She had forgot to charge her car and had a flat tire Paige had left her office early to go to the grocery store then go home and relax and think about her campaign. Dylan took her to the grocery store she was gonna stop at since it would take two hours for AAA to get there to fix her tire Paige found Dylan attractive. Then Monday her dad said he called Literacy Now and they were all for Dylan but Paige had to more or less had to babysit him. Paige deeply resented that and thought about quitting now again she was just the member of the team and everything she had wanted would more or less be bypassed. Paige’s assistant Daisy handed her a revisal that her sister Ariel had doe on the people invited to the campaign. But Paige had already done the hard work - the research, booking photographers,and banquet spaces but Ariel was stepping in and taking the spotlight. Paige’s dad had always been blind to Ariel’s doings and was even worse now since Ariel’s announcement of being pregnant. Then Dylan came in angry but Paige explained how things were out of her hands now. Dylan was very attracted to Paige and several nights he had erotic dreams and Paige was the star. I absolutely loved this book and loved the plot and pace of this book. This was a great easy romance to read. At times I choked up and at others I chuckled while reading this book. I absolutely loved Paige and Dylan together. I loved how both Dylan and Paige grew over the course of this book. I also loved how Dylan’s bandmates were like brothers to him and they as well as Mick Had Dylan’s back. I couldn’t find anything to criticize and that made me very happy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.