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great book and great characters

The Sheikh’s Tamed Bride (The Sharif Sheikhs Series Book 2) - Leslie North

Karam and Arivo had been friends with Rashid  for a long time but Rashad had pulled away when the family started to falter. Rashad had to pull away for business reasons and the other two man resented it. But one night early in the morning they woke Rashad out of a sound sleep and asked him to come pick them up. Lately instead of a friend Rashad felt like a babysitter. Rashad now had a lot of responsibilities and the two men didn’t seem to understand. Rashad told Karam he would come for them but this would be the last time. Up until two years ago Rashad had been just as much a partier and playboy. Now he just went to get his friends. When he got there he found his friends with two diplomats daughters and Rashad was angry he tried to get them all out if the hotel without being seen but it didn’t happen. Asad was in Rashad suite when he returned from dropping everyone off at their hotel or home. Asad never allowed Rashad what had really happened just figured the worst nd not that he had went to give his friends a ride home   not knowing what they were up to. Asad told Rashad that their father was already working on damage control. Rashad had a head for business  and wanted the whole world to know but he couldn’t even get his family to take him seriously. Then Asad told Rashad he was to take a wife and that might help the scandal blow over. Rashad said he wouldn’t do it but then Asad said their father would also agree that Rashad needed to marry then Rashad said he would marry but only as a business deal. Rashad had to find the most submissive and quiet woman in Dubai. Fatima was Mila’s boss at the lounge. Mila hadn’t come to Dubai to be a waitress. Mila loved working at the lounge but she wanted to travel not be tied down and she had told her father before he passed she would follow her dreams. Mila was an American but had a host mom named Sahaar and that was where she was staying now. After another bad night with Fatima Mila gave her two week notice. She then put in an application for a job at the resort attached to the sports arena Rashad owned. Rashad and h Amira his sister were there for the supposid interview. Instead Rashad offered a lot of money for a business marriage where they would be married in name only. Mila wouldn’t agree and left. After which Rashad decided to woo Mila  After spending time with Rashad Mila knew there was something strong between her and Rashad. Fpr Rashad it began to be less and less about wanting Mila for a wife more about simply wanting Mila. Mila agrees to become Rashad wife.

Leslie North did it again another great novel involving a sheikh. This is a second book in a series I advise you to read so everything just flows correctly. I loved Mila and her refusal to be anyone but herself. I also love Rashad and Mina together. I felt like I was right there with Mila. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.