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great book and great characters

The Sheikh’s Stubborn Assistant (The Sharif Sheikhs Series Book 3) - Leslie North

Kadiya/Katie  had such high hopes for the interview she had at the Abu Dhabi museum. But it is obvious if the man did call her it wouldn’t be for the job. Katie hated it when men interrupted her. She quickly ended the interview if you could call it that and left. All of her life Katie’s beauty had been more of a hindrance than a help. People checked out her looks  and didn’t take the time to know the woman herself. Katie had been in Dubai a month and although the interviews poured in the outcome was the same. The museums and private galleries were always more interested in her beauty over her brains. Sahaar had been her exchange host/mother  and was warm and welcoming. The older woman had hovered at first and more or less pushed her toward Mila and  Liyah who were the other two woman she had formally hosted who had both ended up to Sheikhs who were brothers. Katie barely had time to figure out her professional life let Slone her personal life. Katie needed money she was up to   her eyes in student  debt  and her father wasn’t keeping his promises when she had dropped out of business school and went on to purse her art history degree. When she  went on for her masters he stopped talking to her completely.  Maybe she should take a gallery job and work her way up or an assistant instead of a curator. Mila was at Sahaars  when Katie returned and refused to take no for an answer as far as dinner at the palace went. Then Asad- the Sheikh married to Liyah- said that Khalid would be impressed as he swears we don’t know beauty when it comes to art and sculptures in the

Palace.  Katie wanted to get a curators position in Dubai because that is where her mother had been from. Most of her mother’s family was gone now but the culture had called to Katie. Her mother had passed away four years ago. Katie wondered what she  was lacking; she  had done well in school, excelled in her internship,and gained prestige through her work. Amira- the Sheikhs sister had met Katie a couple of times and liked her. Amira decided to shoot Katie a party to meet some people of the art world and that is where Katie met Khalid- the younger brother who was also a sheikh. Amira tells Katie Khalid owned an art  gallery in Dubai. Khalid had never been so dangerously attracted to a woman but never  before did giving in come with so many consequences. Khalid had no responsibility to marry  and no need. Khalid was fine with his flings. Make his sister in laws angry would cause more family drama then he was willing to face as his sister in laws would be furious if he ever hurt Katie which meant he couldn’t even have a fling with the woman of his erotic dreams and haunted him. Katie went to work for Khalid but she was upset as she was nothing more than a glorified secretary and hostess. Khalid had to go away for a couple days and Katie had just told him he was all talk and no action when it came to the gallery.  Then Khalid said he knew she would be there when he returned  as she had too much integrity to slink away while he was gone. Khalid returned one evening and scared Katie when she was working late doing paperwork. They ended up having sex. But Khalid said during the day he was her boss at night her lover.

I loved this book. It was an enjoyable easy to read romance. I loved how Khalid didn’t realize he loved Katie until he almost lost her for good. I loved that Katie became his muse to be the first subject of his first painting in a long time. I loved Khalid and Katie together she brought him back to life. I loved the plot and pace. I loved how easy Mla and Amira and Liyah became close to Katie and cared about her. I hated how Fatima tried to use Katie and hurt her. I couldn’t find anything to criticize which I loved. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.