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The Ones Who Got Away - Roni Loren

Olivia/Liv stood in the gym, but this wasn’t the gym where it happened. That building had been knocked down within months of the tragedy  - a memorial now stood there. The school had a new name now also. A memorial now stood where the gym had been. Liv avoided the memorial afraid that it would trigger all the things she had fought so hard to lockdown. Even after twelve years  she couldn’t bear to look at a list of the names of the kids who  hadn’t survived  that prom night so long ago. Now they were just names on a stone. The interviewer said “ You said you weren’t in the gm when the first gunman came in. Daniel Morrow was the filmmaker and putting the documentary together. He had he had got eighteen survivors and one of the shooters mothers to agree to an interview.  Maybe Liv wasn’t going to be able to handle  letting the memories come forward again. She had agreed to do this  as the director was going to do good things with the money that was made. Liv hadn’t went to the gym because she went to the janitor’s closet to tell him off but passion overtook them both. Then they heard gunshots and Finn left the closet to protect Rebecca who was actually his date and the Joseph- one of the shooters had a gun pointed at Liv but Joseph- one of the shooters walked away and blocked hre in the closet. Joseph and Trevor -the other shooter had a list that was of the people they considered the happy people and if they were stupid enough to be happy in this world then they deserved to die.  Then Liv heard more shots and presumidly that was when Finn had been shot protecting Rebecca. Liv remembered the cries for help. After Liv was done Daniel said finn was the next person he was to interview. Liv had avoided Finn after everything had happened. Because seeing finn even his face on tv triggered the flashbacks. Liv was trying to leave as Finn approached  but she still felt that jolt of awareness she always had anytime Finn was around. Their eyes locked and Finn asked her to join him for a drink later on Liv said she was busy and Finn added if you change your mind call him at his hotel. Finn had saved her each day of the semester ,giving her something to look forward to. Seeing Liv had taken Finn back to the time when he looked forward to was sneaking away with Liv. A Bittersweet ache like Finn hadn’t felt in a long time had tightened his chest and stole his breath. Finn wanted to take the haunted look out of Liv’s eyes. He knew the scars of the past were permanent and he had left a vicious one on Liv. Liv had so many questions she would have liked Finn to answer.

I really liked this novella but i felt it was way too short. One minute I was reading snf loving this story and the next it was over and I felt I was left hanging. The ending too rushed for me.  I would have liked more backstory on the characters especially Finn and Liv. Also after they both left  town. I was just left wanting more. That annoyed me and I was disappointed for these reasons and that was why this was a three.