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great book and great characters

Baby, I'm Howling For You (Alphaville) - Christine Warren

Renny was a wolf shifter, Her car ran out of gas about thirteen miles from her destination of Alpha. Renny had to put as much distance as she could between herself and her pursuers.  They were the reason Renny hadn’t stopped to fuel up. They’d already chased her across two states lines, Alpha is in the state of Washington was a town for shifters who had nowhere else to go. - wolves driven from their pack, bears with injuries and scars inflicted by careless hunters. Lions who couldn’t control their shifts, leopards who needed to change their spots all went to the haven called Alpha and eventually they all got better. Geoffrey had sent five male coyote male enforcers after Renny.  Renny turned to a wolf and took off running hoping she could get to Alpha before the coyotes  got to her. Then Bryce -Geoffrey’s Beta and closest friend .came up to her side and knocker Renny off her feet. Then Renny saw a light and ran for it hoping it was Alpha as she was wounded now and heavily bleeding but it was a cabin that smelt of wolf. There was a man in the shadows who  had shot Bryce and Bryce ran back into the woods.  Now Renny figured she would be the next one  to be shot then she collapsed. Mick sat home for another Friday night. He could have slept but did’’t want to  because often his dreams were of his dead mate  Beth even though it had been eight years  but he thought he would be over it by now. Most would have died with their mate or shortly thereafter. But for some reason Mick hadn’t . Mick picked up up an unconscious  Renny and brought her in the cabin. He locked the door and called the deputy sheriff and told him what was going on. The next morning Renny went to her car to find it totalled with her clothes ripped up as well as urinated on  all over the highway.  Renny hadn’t heard Mich show up but then he shot her his shirt as she was naked from shifting back from being a wolf. Then Renny heard her cell phone as it must have fallen under the seat and manage to not be broken but Mick grabbed the phone out of Renny’s hand and answered  the phone it was Geoffrey and it turns out Beth- Michs dead mate was Geoffrey’s half sister. Mich had already had a run in with Geoffrey when he was in college and Mich had come out  on top. Mich told Geoffrey to stay away from Renny and he hung up the phone. Renny learned Mich was a graphic novel author and she had read some of his novels. He also drew his own pictures for his novels. Mich was world famous and had won numerous awards. Mich had kissed Renny hard and when he let her go he acted again like he didn’t want to be bothered with her. Mich. Mich told her  she would live with him at least until they got they got Geoffreys fibe coyote enforcers. But then Molly stepped in and offered Renny her extra bedroom in her place. Renny decided to live with Molly who was a lion shifter as was her brother who was a deputy sheriff for Alpha. Molly and Renny went on a shopping spree some things were given to them and then other things like  her clothes she bought  at a second hand shop..Then three of the coyotes  attacked Molly and Renny, two keeping Molly busy and the third trying to pull Renny out of the truck to kidnap her. But then Mich and Zeke show up and scared  the coyotes away. Then Mich claimed Renny as his mate right then and there and marked her in front of Molly and Zeke.  

This was an excellent, well written shifter romance and I loved it.  I didn’t want to put this down.  I loved the whole idea of Alpha and how everyone had everyone else’s back. Also there was several shifter species living together in peace and happiness. I loved how Molly and Renny became quick close friends. I loved how the whole town immediately was ready to protect Renny. I especially loved Mich and Renny together. This kept my attention for the first page until the last no problem. I loved the plot and pace. I found nothing to criticize and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.