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good book and characters

A Choice of Fate (Outback Hearts) (Volume 2) - Jezz de Silva

Jarrah is a lawyer. Olivia is a doctor. Olivia has just finished medical school.  But Olivia is taking a thirty day vacation in Australia. Olivia’s sister Abi  is getting married after getting through cancer. Olivia will be there to spend some time with Abi and also be there for her wedding. Olivia and Abi lost their parents when they were teens. Liv gave up things so Abi could do well and Olivia could take care of her. Abi is marrying Ryder and Jarrah is her brother. Olivia is attracted to Jarrah but he is very cautious as he is a playboy. Jarrah and Olivia start a relationship believing it was just a fling and Olivia won’t do anything to jeopardise her job  where she will be making a hefty paycheck. No more penny pinching.  

I liked this book. It choked me up at times. I highly advise you read the books of this series at the very least it will help you keep family members straight. I really loved the ending. This was an easy read. I loved the interaction between Olivia and  Jarrah I felt like I was right there with everyone. I loved the Harper family. But at times this was a little confusing and dragged for me. I also felt like there was too many characters. I loved how Jarrah charged as their relationship grew. The ending was predictable. But I loved the ins and outs of this and I recommend.