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great book and great characters

Bargaining with the Boss - Jennifer Shirk

Kinsley was supposed to be moving on as her friend Arden reminded her.  Paul had broken their engagement well over eight months ago. Paul had told Kinsley she was too sensible for him. Paul and Kinsley had been together for five years. Then her brother Wade had sold her birthright  out from under her - the family beachfront hotel called The Harbor Light. The hotel had been in the family for three generations. Wade hadn’t given Kinsley a chance to turn things around. Kinsley was a bridesmaid at  Lori’s wedding and thought maybe it was time to loosen things up as she ordered herself a drink. Then a hot man- Damon- asked Kinsley if she was ok and if he could buy her a drink. Then Damon and Kinsley started doing shots of tequila. She admitted Her ex had dumper her eight months ago and Damon said he didn’t have time for a girlfriend. Tonight Kinsley decided she was going to be party girl Kinsley but just for tonight. Damon was the executive Vice President of an international conglomerate based in New York.  Primarily  dealing with real estate development. Investing sales and marketing and some property management. Kinsley had been their hotel manager since she came home she only hopes the new owner keeps her on. Kinsley had moved back home as Paul had been her boss where she had been an event planner at the Royal Rouge Casino in Conn. Kinsley had experienced so much loss in a short time: her dad. her fiance, and now  the family hotel that had so many good memories. Everyday Kinsley felt like she was losing a piece of herself as well. Then Kinsley woke up next to Damon with very little memory of the night before. That afternoon Kinsley finds out Damon is her boss. Damon was used to being the bad guy; the bad student, the bad son. Ultimately the bad brother. Damon and Wade had been college roommates for awhile. Wade had turned to Damon for help and requested he not tell Kinsley why Wade had to sell the hotel. Damon changed  his plans on going right back tio N Y.  Kinsley had made an impression on Damon personally and professionally. Damon’s brother Carson was dead and when Wade came to Damon for help he couldn’t deny him maybe because Wade reminded him of Carson. Damon had problems saying no to Kinsley and he had never had that problem before.

I absolutely loved this book. And read it in one setting. It was enjoyable, sweet, touching romance.  I loved the plot and pace. I loved Damon and Kinsley together. I loved how Kinsley showed Damon how to open up, how to love and trust her and himself as well. I also loved how Damon’s father opened up to him and helped him to win Kinsley back. I loved the relationships Kinsley had with her friends and the townspeople.  It was an all around good read and I found nothing to criticize and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.