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Scandal of the Season - Liana LeFey

Eleanor/ Ellie ordered her maid to see if Lord Wincanton now he was an Earl now- had arrived Caroline was Ellie’s friend. He had been gone five years. Ellie had known Sorin almost all her life every since she had come to live with her cousin Charles  and his wife Rowena. Ellie is a wealthy heiress. Sorin had been their neighbor and Ellie’s childhood friend even if Sorin was older. SWhen Ellie was sixteen and had thrown herself into Sorin’s arms  and he pushed her  away and told her she  was a lady now and she needed to act like one. Then Sorin had left and he had left because he had started to have inappropriate feelings for Ellie. Ellie is now in her third season and by the end of the season her guardians want to have Ellie married off but Ellie doesn’t want to marry. She has an unwanted suitor. - Sir Yarborough wants to marry Ellie for her money. Caroline said Sorin couldn’t have been much of a friend It seemed to her that his importance might have diminished after so long. It was Ellie’s birthday. The Earl- Sorin and Ellie had stayed in contact while Sorin was gone.Ellie had his letters in a locked box. Ellie had only shared that with Charles and Rowena as Caroline could be insensitive at times. Ellie hated to be paraded around but this was about celebration of another year and the return of a friend.

I didn’t really care this book. It dragged for me . Also the back and forth between Sorin and Ellie just got annoying after awhile. This just wasn’t for me. I am sure others will enjoy this book.