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Forbidden Promises - Katee Robert

Sloan had no job experience and she had never had to put herself to the test and it was horrifying to realize how sheltered she had been when it came to actual life skills. The money her brother Teague had sent  her would last  her a few more weeks but she didn’t want to have to use that money. Sloan was just tired of watching life go by. That’s why she had left her family, leaving at night going from Boston to Washington state- across the country. Without saying a word. She knew her family would look for her. If Teague ahd to send her more money it would be easy for her father to find her. Sheamus  O’Malley - Sloan’s father- was a cold hearted butt who had millions in the bank and a lot of unsavory connections. One daughter had already got away. Sloan wanted to stand on her own two feet for the first time. Sloan was at a diner trying to get a job with no work experience at all. The owner Marge decided to give Sloan a chance to her surprise.  Sloan did miss her family. All Sloan wanted to do was get away from her Irish crime lord father. Teague’s wife Callie got her aunt Sorcha to let Sloan stay in her cottage as she wasn’t there. Jude was in the cottage not far from Sloan and on the first night she had mistakenly went to his cottage and Jude had been rude and short to her. Jude didn't want Sloan or anyone near his cottage or him. Jude hated small towns  as the people want to know everyone else’s business. Jude had to run off over a dozen attempts to welcome him to the town. He was there under the guise of being a writer. Jude was here for a job he wasn't staying. He was looking for Sorcha who was Callie’s aunt. He had broken into the house to see if there was any clues to where Sorcha was. Now there was a woman who was definitely wasn’t Sorcha. Jude killed people for a living and Sorcha was his target but this was personal. These days the people Jude associated with were  people who made their living on the underbelly of society. They didn’t blink at the choices Jude made or the path that had brought him to them.Jude got hard thinking of the hunger in Sloans eyes when her and his eyes had meant recently. But Jude had no business thinking like that, not while he was on the hunt and he’d spent his entire life preparing for. Jude had never been innocent  he had never had the chance, No chance since the moment Cohn Sheridan  had  declared the death sentence on Jude’s father and brothers. The same death sentence he would have had if Cohn had known Jude’s mother was pregnant. So his mother whispered about revenge in his ear all his life. So his life had been planned for this perfect revenge. Jude and Sloan have hot chemistry. Jude knows he should stay away from Sloan but he can’t help himself. Then Jude realizes how dangerous he  is for Sloan and Sloan for him. When she gets a chance Sloan is willing to be brave and go after a man she knows she has no future with. To be brave several times for him.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot a lot. I loved how determined Sloan was to make it on her own even though she had been so sheltered. She wanted to get away from her father and his Irish Mafia dealings. I advise everyone to read this series in order so everything is clear. I love the growth Sloan went through during this book. This dragged for me at times. This book had danger, intrigue, murder, Irish Mafia, action, revenge, suspense, family, and so much more. This kept my interest from beginning to end. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend