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Stars Over Clear Lake: A Novel - Loretta Ellsworth

Daisy was not happy she couldn’t get a hold of her mother - Lorraine- who had turned off her phone to save the battery. They were at the Surf Ballroom- it is the Fireman’s Ball they are honoring Daisy’s late father and Lorraine's late husband Sid. The original Surf Ballroom had burnt down and no one ever did figure out why it had burnt and was rebuilt. into the one they were in today.which was built in 1948. Lorraine was eighteen.Lorraine and Sid  had met at The Surf Ballroom so most thought. Sid had died last year. Sid had volunteered for the fire department for many years. When Lorraine was younger anything could send her mother  to her bed like when her son -Pete- had left to go to boot camp and again when he was leaving to be shipped out. Then Lorraine's father was hiring Nazi’s from a POW camp as he couldn’t do everything on the farm himself now that his son was serving his country. Lorraine mother  was totally against it. Sid had to keep up a grueling schedule since Pete went away to boot camp. Sometimes he was too tired to even eat before falling asleep. Now Pete was being shipped off and Sid couldn’t do it alone. Lorraine had been a inspiring singer when in her teens. Lorraine’s parents fight over Sid’s use of the men from the POW camp on the farm. But Lorraine is intrigued with the POWs who work on their farm and becomes friends with a German soldier named Jens who plays the saxophone. Lorraine is also dating her first boyfriend named Scotty. Lorraine is torn between the German soldier Jens and and Scotty who is from a good family. Many people in the town they lived in didn’t like the POWs because many of their loved ones had died fighting the Germans.  Lorraine’s son in law Harry is the fire chief and wants to use the technology they now had to figure out why the original Surf Ballroom had burned down. When her son in law  mentioned it to Lorraine she changed the subject.

I had mixed feelings about this book but I still  liked this book but it bounced around a lot and there were too many elements in the story. I liked that the author showed the tension and the mistrust of the German POW soldiers.. Also the German people during and after the war. I felt this was similar to a couple of other books. I loved the relationship between Lorraine and her father. There were some characters I would have like to know what happened to them. I didn’t especially like the jumping from the 1940s to the 2000s So I had mixed feelings about this book