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Winters Rising - Shannyn Leah

Brea had grown up a second and she had been taught to do what you are told and to never fight her destiny.  Being a second is looked down upon unless you have a birthmark that matches a Gatekeeper which Brea does. Then you are considered elevated just not first class. The Gatekeepers are to keep the timeline flowing smoothly with no hiccups or disastrous changes.    Being controlled has left Brea with a lot of hurt and anger. Brea is resistant to her new husband and his family. The minute Jax saw Brea he knew she was his soulmate and loved her right away but he knew  that she didn’t feel the same. He doesn’t understand why Brea won’t complete the bonding ritual but he will not force her. Jax had a high place in society but isn’t a butt or snob.  Brea has to accept everything and know without a shadow of a doubt they are meant to be together before she will finish the bonding ritual. The more time Jax and Brea spend together the closer they get.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved how Brea was so determined to do what she thought was right for her  for example not finishing the mating bond. I thought this was well written. I liked the plot and the pace. I loved how Brea and Jax would fight for what they believed in.  Sometimes things came up that I felt should have been addressed but weren’t.  I advise you to read the books in this series in order. I really enjoyed watching Brea’s and Jax’s relationship grow. This was an was an  fun read. Although this take a bit to get into. I liked the intrigue. But I lost a lot for this book when it ended in a cliffhanger as anyone who has red any of my reviews I hate cliffhangers.  So I couldn’t give this more than a three. With the other things that bothered or annoyed me.