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A Conspiracy of Whispers - Karen Harper

Out of the things Olivia owned her favorite things were the three lonely bar stools at the Glitch. Even more than her cat she had named Plan B. Olivia didn’t let anyone in arm’s reach of her let alone scenting range. Olivia was taking a military job inside the Syndicat. She asked her closest friend Yoshi-who was the bartender at the Glitch- if he would watch B and she should be gone about two weeks yoshi said he would. Yoshi ws too smart, too perceptive, too kind to make it in the Simdicate corps races. But it was these same traits that made the Glitch the safest dive in the Cauldron quarters. The Glitch had a repetition   for being safe and discreet. Olivia’s mother had always told her to tell the truth until she couldn’t. Olivia had waster her first lie on Yoshi. Olivia was an unregistered caricae. Olivia had been a late bloomer and that had been her salvation. All Syndicate kids underwent the disposition screen when they turned thirteen. Newly identified Altus got pulled for vocational training leaning toward military and labor positions. While also being enrolled in the donor registry. It was kids screened as Caricae who disappeared. The enrichment program was intended to provide government support to caricae citizens, mature their sensitive nature, prevent targeting and abuse by systematically housing Caricaes in comfortable shiny white compounds. The  Caricaes participate in the ministry’s Plenty Futures maternity program. The majority of the population are unable to produce except Caricaes. Everyone’s health was guaranteed by the program and then the resulting children were assigned to families across the Syndicate. This made for  survival of the  genetic pool. Then at fourteen Olivia got her period but it wasn’t what she wanted so her mother said it didn’t happen. Then her mother set her down and told her how her new life would be. Whisper pay was good but irregular. The greatest risk of detection of being a Caricae who didn’t enroll as a proper citizen  was their skin. But But Caricae had stronger distinct pheromone. So cloaking layers helped. Fastidious hygiene helped also. A paranoid sense of personal space was another helper. Olivia had all three honed. Also there were pills that could dampen the skin scent.and the effects of others’ pheromones. But if you know where to go anything was for sale. Medical treatment was something Olivia had learned to go without. Animals was the only physical affection Olivia could afford. It took one day to get to the edge of the Syndicate. The secretive Syn hadn't opened the borders with the Empire for decades. Only government workers got authorization to cross. This was olivia’s first time on a foreign contract. Olivia told the training motto she appreciated that she had been cleared for higher clearance contracts which meant more money.  Olivia wasn’t sure why Wallace had signed to give her this mission. It was more dangerous moving through the Empire and hiding her identity. Galen was a hardened military leader but he hid his soft heart.

I just couldn’t really get into this book. I think I may have accidentally chose it. It’s not the book it’s me. I just couldn’t connect with the story, plot, or characters. So i am not going to rate this if I can help it as it wouldn’t be fair.