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Good Characters and story

Besting the Billionaire - Alison Aimes

Alexander /Alexi  was Russian born. He was at a funeral for business purposes and business always came first even when an actress hit on  Alexi he told her no he was there for business reasons. Alexi was ruthless when it came to business. The late Russell Winslow had run an investment firm that specializes in high end results but the firm was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today was Winslow’s memorial service one year after his death. Winslow was seventy six when he passed. There were senators, actresses, models. and mongrels there. Yet Winslow was not well liked. Alexi went up against Paul- the oldest Winslow son who had been harassing Winslow’s widow saying she would never be allowed to run the business. Winslow had surprised his two ex wives, his kids, and the board when he left his entire estate, his once thriving business and all his other holdings to his widow- wife # 3-  Lily Bennett. She had to fight in court against her step children but she had finally won. Alexi had went against Paul on deals and always won except the last one- the most important and then Winslow’s   death put a  stop to  things on that deal. The sight of Lily had hit Alexi with the force of a fist. This  death gave  Alexi an opening he hadn’t expected and he intended to capitalize on. Before anyone else got the chance to. That would be a promise fulfilled to Lena who had raised him as her own when he was a child. He had to do this as final closure to Lena’s loss. Lily’s marriage to Russell Winslow had been more of a rescue for her then love Russell had been a lot older than Lily but had been good to her. Lily as Alexi had a tough childhood. Lily had risen above her past and had a future she had created for herself.   Lily was intelligent. determined and stubborn and wanted to turn the firm back around. Alexi and Lily have a very hot chemistry. Alexi came to the point where he had to choose between to keep a promise to a woman who lovingly raised him or to the woman he cared for now. Either way Alexi was going to be seriously torn.

I liked this book a lot. I really liked how Lily stood up for herself. I loved how Alexi grew in this book to be a caring man. I liked the plot and pace.  This was a little bit different kind of romance. I did love the twists in this book. This had : hot scenes, comedy, romance, mystery, a failing company, a promise, determination, a rescue of sorts, harassment, intrigue, and so much more. I liked the ending a lot. I liked the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend.