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Great characters and story

A Grave Search (Bodies of Evidence) - Wendy Roberts

Julie found dead bodies with divining rods. She had been doing this since she was a child. Now Julie has started a business called Divine Reunions. Then a broken hearted mother goes to Julie to find her daughter. The woman had paid the demanded ransom but had never got her daughter back.  The prime suspect was the woman’s boyfriend Rob who was also never seen again. But Julie is very hesitant to take the job as she would have to go back to her hometown where she has a lot of  bad memories. Julie’s grandmother had been very abusive to her. Julie’s inheritance allowed her to buy some property to settle down on. To make new friends and stay away from her triggers.  Julie now saw a therapist and was sober but her past had done a lot to Julie. Julie was seeing Garrett who was an FBI agent and twenty years older but both are broken souls trying to heal. Julie feels she should look for the girl and takes the job. Garrett will help her. As Julie investigates she uncovers dark secrets and she will have to rethink what she knows of  her past . But someone is now targeting Julie as both her house and car have been broken  into.  When working for a client the body of  a school friend turns up. Julie does have to use other detective’s clues to help her with  her work. Julie doesn’t just stop at finding the body she is compelled to solve the crime.

I loved this book . It was well written and had a good plot and pace that I liked a lot. I loved Julie and Garrett together the age difference didn’t matter. I liked Julie’s independence. I also loved Wookie her dog. I loved Julie’s determination. I would advise you to read the first book in the series first before this one. I felt like I was right there with Julie. I liked the introduction of  a different gift in this book. I would like to find out more about Julie and her boyfriend. I loved that Julie was working on herself and making progress in her life. I also loved how Garrett is protective of  Julie. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend