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Good characters and story

Animal Instincts - Patricia Rosemoor

Skye could communicate with animals and usually saw images of their thoughts her twin brother Shade could hear people’s thoughts and was a cop. Shade was the other half to Skye’s souls. Skye worked with animal  rescue  as she also had a psychic connection with animals as well as her twin.But now a man Skye and she could hear his thoughts . skye had been looking for a wounded coyote and seen a lion, a wolf , and a hyena and he told them to leave and they did. Then Shade appeared and and asked what Skye was doing with this man before her. Skye could feel the mutual dislike between the two men. Shade knew more than he was letting on. Then shade was blocking what he was letting Skye see. Luc qwas then man by Skye and she heard him when he thought “ what are you”. Luc’s father had won the permit to build the first casino boat in Chicago though the permit for The Ark as it was called had not included the several lower decks clocked by his father’s magic where only the invited got to play. The year before when the first complex on the lower decks  had opened Luc had taken the job of head of security to make his dad happy. Luc had recognized Ske as Shade’s sister from the physical similarities she shared with Shade. Yet he couldn’t control her. Luc wanted to know Skye better and he didn’t like being thwarted. Luc was used to having control especially over humans but for some reason not Skye. Luc couldn’t get her off his mind. Shade then died in the line of duty with a bullet through his skull.and had saved Luc’s mother Elizabeth. Even his partner didn’t know he was looking into murders that may be linked to the casino. Then Luke’s ghost appeared to Skye in his apartment which apparently his ghost couldn’t leave. Shade figures he has unfinished business here and that is was the case he was working on he won’t be able to move on until that is solved. Skye finds her mother’s old Book Of Powers and it explains what is going on and all the odd things Skye can do. Skye reads the book to Shade’s ghost and Luc was by an outside window and heard what Skye actually is and what have to ask her what she was anymore. Luc is a shifter who was half human he had not embraced either side of himself. His human mother raised him. Luc pushed Skye away thinking it would keep her safe.

I did definitely enjoy this book., it's definitely a different twist on shifters. Some of the word choices were off like using coppers for a cop. There was some replication in the dialogue like Luc asking “ what are you” it got boring. This made me choke up at times. Luc and Skye had some hot chemistry between them. The supernaturals didn’t seem to really care if their secrets got out and people became aware of what they were. I liked the tension between Luc and Skye.  My interest was caught in the beginning and stayed through to the end. I also liked the plot and the fast pace. I liked the drama bit loved the character and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.