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Great characters and story

The Night Market - Jonathan Moore

Ross Carver was a cop and he just got a call to go to a murder site. It all started with a lady calling who said her neighbor was screaming a dreadful scream. Ross got to the address and the lady came out and said she had never heard anything like it and the guy had been naked and bloody and beating on the glass window of an upstairs bedroom. The cops got a light on the upstairs window and it was blood. Jenner was Ross’s partner. Ross did go to the upstairs bedroom of a luxury apartment  home that didn’t

seem quite right and in the upstairs bedroom was a dead man covered in a suspicious substance. As Ross and Jenner secure the scene a team of men come in and they are in hazard gear.  Then Ross and his partner were taken to a decontamination unit. When Ross awoke he had no memory pass Wednesday and it was Sunday. Ross’s neighbor Mia was by his side reading to him. Mia said a group of men brought Ross in and said he had been poisoned and the men looked like cops.  As Ross tries to retrieve the lost time and memory he realizes the conspiracy runs deep.

I really loved this book. The writing was great  and I loved the plot as well as the pace. There was chills, a superstitious substance, a group of men in hazard gear, conspiracy, memory control, intrigue, cover up. Mystery, intensity, danger, tech companies, brutal police surveillance, suspense, cops, murder. A little romance and so much more in this book. The ending had a twist I loved also. I loved that Ross were determined to find out the truth. This grabs your attention in the beginning and doesn’t let go until the end. I advise you to read the other two books in this trilogy first as it will pull everything together. I also really liked how the author describes San Francisco. I loved how Ross went about uncovering the missing time. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.