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Good Characters and story

Can't Let Her Go - Sandy James

Ethan had two business partner in his bar Words And Music they were Russell and Brad. Then Russell pointed out Chelsea Harris was in the bar. Ethan’s father had taught him to keep work and fun separate. Chelsea was the hottest thing to hit country music in the last five years. Chelsea had reached celebrity status from what Ethan can see. Ethan knew so much as chelsea lived her life in the open. Ethan couldn’t help but be attracted to chelsea. Chelsea came to the bar to talk to ethan she told him he had done well with the bar. Everyone knew of ethan’s aversion to ever being part of the country music scene was legendary. Chelsea wanted Ethan to sing with her as he had an amazing voice. Ethan hated that his parents had been Nashville stars, after walking away from  a budding  singing career years ago. Ethan hated anything to do with performing or recording. Ethan wanted to know wanted to know what Chelsea wanted when she didn’t answer he went back to work filling drink orders. Then to everyone’s surprise Chelsea went behind the bar and started making some drinks. She had tended bar before making it big. Chelsea was attracted to Ethan Chelsea’s father had died the year before from cancer and Chelsea wanted to do a charity album with singing duets with kids of former Nashville stars and she wanted Ethan cover one of his parents songs with her. Ethan said no way and walked away from the bar. Ethans parents had been killed in a tragic car accident trying to get away from a butt of a photographer. They were still running stories about his parents fifteen years later. Ethan had brought to the horse farm shortly after his parents  deaths. Ethan was a player and Chelsea got under his skin and women didn’t do that. Chelsea and etan started to give being together a chance. Then word got out about Chelsea and Ethan and photographers were all over the place.

I really liked this book I loved Ethan and Chelsea together.  I also liked how ethan and Chelsea took things slow and built a relationship before sleeping together- Chelsea was stubborn on that. I liked the plot and the pace. I advise you to read the other in this series first to pull everything together. I liked how Chelsea put Ethan first like no one had ever done before. This was a pleasant enjoyable read. I loved the character sand the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.