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Dangerous Promise (The Protector) - Megan Hart

Nina’s client was Ewan Donahue and she was determined to put distance between herself and one of the world’s eligible billionaires who was acting like it was dissatisfied about touching her. She knew how Ewan felt about the enhanced. Dealing with prejudice was party of the new life she had been given not condemned to.  Nina told Ewan he was given all the specs and requirements before she had arrived. Ewan had paid double  the usual acquisition in order  to get her there. Nina said Ewan had hired her she just didn’t show up Nina was the best of the best in her field. Ewan had hired her because of the recent threat on his life the night before. Nina woks in Project Corps and had been in charge of more than a dozen senators, CEOs, philanthropic recluses, and once an actual princess who had been the easiest to deal with. Nina had learned the ways of the wealthy and powerful. Ewan didn’t know how brutal Nina could be. Ewan had fifty seven confirmed serious death threats made in the last three and a half weeks. Previously he had three actual attempts on his life and two of his former bodyguards had been killed while protecting Ewan. Nina enduring the enhancement procedures she had to save her life made her the woman she was today.  Nina had been dead for eight minutes before the enhancement procedure had been started. Ewan had a lot of people who wanted him dead because of the technology which he had created which oddly enough had been used on Nina.ewan regrets the enhancement technology he created.  Nina is attracted to Ewan but never plans on anything happening between them. Ewan is also attracted to Nina and she is unlike any other woman he has ever known as time goes on and he gets to know Nina. Nina had been a soldier in the Army fighting for her country when she had been killed. But after she had been enhanced she had to leave the army and went into private security. Then an attempt was made on Ewan which Nina was able to save him from being hurt and the go on his secret property where there is a cabin to be safer. There Ewan and Nina give in to their hot chemistry. But Nina starts to deteriorate as she needs an update that Ewan has stopped.

I had mixed feelings about this book. Nina and Ewan are definitely from two different worlds but somehow that matters less and less as time goes on.  I liked there was a lot of action. And it starts right at the beginning of the book. This book does drag for me at times. This is definitely a different type of book for me to read but I did like it basically just a lot of things annoyed me and took some if my enjoyment away. I was confused how Nina could feel so much. But the thing that really brought this rating down is this ended in a cliffhanger and I hate them  and that is well known by anyone who has read my reviews. As I said I had mixed feelings on this one.