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great book and great characters

The Sheikh’s Pretend Fiancée (The Sharif Sheikhs Series Book 1) - Leslie North

Liyah had been a foreign exchange student five years ago for three months.  in Dubai. Sahaar had been her exchange mother of the exchange family. Liyah decided to return to the place she had loved and try to decide what to do  with the rest of her life. Liyah knew she had to return if for no other reason than to step out of her comfort zone again.  Sahaar  was a shadow of her former self before she had always been bubbly and laughing and there had always been something happening in the small  household. But Sahaar’s husband was dead and she was worried about paying all the medical bills and not losing her home.  Now the house was quiet and there was sadness in Sahaar’s eyes. Lilah wanted to help her exchange mother as much as she had helped her years ago. Mila had returned from work and was glad to see her old friend.They had kept in touch and were happy to see each other again after so long. She was also staying with Sahaar.  Mila worked at a lounge and wanted Liyah to come there to relax and let loose a little. Finally Liyah did but the greeter had to go to the bathroom so Liyah had sat three gentlemen and a woman who all looked to be family. She also got the drink specials at the woman’s request. Liyah had got her teaching degree and a job since she had been in Dubai before but she hadn’t connected with anyone. She had not went out on a date in over a year. There were weeks when she seemed to only leave her apartment for work and errands. Liyah had made any new friends since college. Liyah  was just existing rather than living. Casual hookups had never been her thing. When the waitress finally came in to work after a delay Liyah introduced fatima to her table but but they still wanted Liyah but then instead one of the men -Asad- said since Liyah was not working there she could go out on the patio and have a hookah with him. Liyah did then Asad got a call about work and had to leave. Asad’s sister Amira suggested he he show he had grown up and present his fake fiance at Rashad’s - Asad’s brother- birthday party. Asad had no fiance at the time fake or otherwise. That way the prospective investors might commit to the condos Asad wanted to build. Then a car came to Sahaar’s for Liyah and she was to meet with Sheikh Asad and his sister Amira for lunch. Mila pushed Liyah to get ready and she did and left in the car. Asad then told Liyah he had a business proposition and she was to play his fake fiance and he would pay her well. Liyah agreed so she could help Sahaar pay off her debt.

I loved this book, it was a little predictable but romances tend to be most of the time. I loved Liyah and Asad together and they had burning hot chemistry together. I also loved how Amira became Liyah good  friend and even got  truly mad at her brother in Liyah’s defense.  I also loved how Liyah worried about her exchange mother and wanted to fix things for Sahaar. I loved Mila’s and Lilahs relationship. I couldn’t find anything to complain about and that was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.