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Starlight Nights - Stacey Kade

Calista/Callie was in college but still didn’t fit in. Calista was a former tv star. A Maxim It Girl four years ago. Callie knows she already had working against her and she had to try to face it. Callie s now a regular person and she wants to care. At twenty three Calista is the oldest freshman at Blake College.  Callie still had three and a half years of college, she was studying to be an accountant. Callie needed to blend in and make this work. The guys here are only interested in the stuff Callie was rumored to have done and with whom. While an actor Callie had a brush with heroin and she had lost her freedom to her controlling mother through a court order. Callie had been a working child actor and her mom had been her manager for the first eighteen years of Callie’s life Callie supported her family and her mother had pushed her to be an actor and to keep acting. . Prisoners had more freedom than Callie used to have. The other college girls felt they had to compete against Callie. Callie is terrible at making friends as she had years of homeschooling. Callie loves Eric . He had helped her get a part on Starlight when she really needed a job but had never kissed anyone and Eric showed her how to get through it and shortly after she had fallen in love with Eric even if he hadn’t known.   before even though she was sixteen. Callie was reluctantly invited to a party at a Frat house and when she goes sees Eric at the Frat house and he says he just wants to talk to her. Callie had been in a car accident with Eric and had several surgeries to right her arm that had been shattered.. After seeing Eric at her college Callie knew she still felt very strongly for Eric but she will be a lot more careful and not let him ruin her life. Eric is already an established actor and his father is a huge producer in Hollywood but always derails s Eric’s career. Eric wants to be prove himself as a producer without his father’s help. Eric buys the rights to Callie’s favorite book . He hopes to make a web series and help Callie to come back to Hollywood. Callie doesn’t want to go back to acting but she knows her mother will push her sister to act if Callie doesn’t go back to supporting the family.

I liked this book a lot. I loved Eric and Callie together . This had my attention form the beginning to end. It did drag at times for me but not enough for me to stop reading this. I did get confused at times between the present and the past. I did love how Callie and Eric grew throughout this book. There was realism in my opinion in this book. This book choked me up at times. I didn’t like Eric for awhile but as he grew I changed my opinion of him. Both callie and Eric were broken and I felt made this  book more interesting. There is : young actors, a first kiss, malipination, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental abuse, secret love, personal baggage, love triangle. Ruined life, college, family baggage, tabloid interference, and so much more in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend