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good book and characters

Match Made in Manhattan: A Novel - Amanda Stauffer

Alison had two dead end relationships. Alison is looking for someone to settle down with. Alison is mature, focused, and knew what she wants in a guy. Alison’s job, boss, and stress she has. Alison with the support if her girlfriends and family sign up for Match.com which was an internet computer dating site.

I liked this story a lot also the plot and pace. I liked how Alison’s prioritizes her career. I also liked how Alison’s attitude changed as times went on in this book. I also liked the humor of this book. I also enjoyed finding out about the next guy Alison had a date with. I really liked how Alison gave her dates “ the pants speech”. I also liked how this book showed some of the weirdness of online dating. This did drag at times for me. Sometimes it was also hard to tell between the many men in this book.I didn’t like how judgmental Alison could be to her dates. But to me the pros outweigh the cons. I loved the characters  and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.