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A Wedding At Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

Greer is a partner in a  matchmaking business r and always loved weddings and everything to do with them. She also,loved having people find their true love but she if yet has found hers. Greer even has  scrapbooks of her favorite wedding things for when she gets married.  Greer had a ex that had proposed to her but she had said no and ended the relationship. Now her 3ex was engaged to be married. Greer was at a charity auction and saw a wedding gown called “ Royal Bliss” which is said to bring luck to the owner. Greer felt she had to have that gown and did something she didn’t normally do - got into a bidding war with Pierre who is a failed matchmaker person. Pierre has a vendetta against Greer for the failure of not matching him with someone and Pierre wins the gown. But pierre is having a contest- for publicity and the prize will be the wedding gown. Greer enters the contest even though she isn’t romantically involved with someone. Her ex and his fiance are also entered. Ford is a Baron who is disillusioned about love as he had been engaged about to marry and his fiance was found with a groomsman so Ford was left at the aisle. But Ford is also an artist looking for a muse then he sees greer at the auction and feels he must paint her. Greer and ford make a dead ford be her fake fiance and he could paint her. Greer thinks Ford is a destitute artist.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. I did love Greer and ford together. This was a lighthearted fun romance. I didn’t like that Ford kept his identity a secret but understood. This also made me chuckle at times. This book really does have a little of everything: a charity auction , a bidding war, a disgruntled unmatchable man, a vendetta, a magical wedding gown, a fake engagement, an artist, adeal, drunk frat boys, going to the Price Is right tv show, drama, humor, seeing the ex, and so much more. But this was a little too busy at times for me. I also felt the ending was rushed. But that wasn't enough for me not to like this book and i loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.