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good book and characters

Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1) - Angie Fox

Verity was a modern woman. Verity had also found out her fiance was a cheating butt and left him at the altar. But  Verity’s witch of a would have been mother in law demanded Verity pay for all the wedding that hadn’t actually happened. Now Verity  was in the position of losing her home that her grandmother had left her. Verity is also trying to keep her  good name but her ex’s family is from the upper crust of the  t town so that may not be what happens no matter what. Verity;s fiance is also suing her. So to say the least Verity is having a rough time. Verity had been a graphic designer with a thriving business until recently and no one would hire her. Ellis is a cop and   Verity’s ex fiance's brother was doing a project on a house but there was ghost there and he hired Verity help him with that problem. The name of one of the ghost was Frankie he had been a gangster during prohibition. Frankie wanted to help Verity and was a nice guy even if he had lived  a criminal lifestyle. Ellis realizes as time went on that Verity wasn’t a bad person and gold digger she had been the one cheated on. Verity learned Ellis wasn’t like she thought he would be.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun mystery to read. I loved Frankie and how he wanted to help Verity. I thought it was funny that Verity had a pet skunk named Lucy made me laugh. This had a good plot and fast pace. I didn’t particularly care for Ellis at first but he did only know what he had been told about Verity it does surprise me that he hired Verity. I liked Ellis changed and allowed himself to know the real Verity. I did chuckle at times while reading this. This kept my attention all through the book until the end. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.